Creating Borders In Google Docs

Although Google Docs has numerous unique features one can use, it still lacks fundamental ones a user may need. For instance, page frames or borders are some you can’t easily apply to your document.


However, putting your creativity and a bit of experiment into use will enable you to achieve what you desire to do. There are two simple ways to apply a border into a document you’re creating: using the table feature and the drawing tool.

At first, the thought of whether it’s really possible or not may occur to you. However, the doubts you have will surely be set aside as you read through this guide.

Using the Table Feature

This is the first of two methods for inserting a border into your document. In this method, we will use Google Docs’ table feature. Simply follow the instructions below to successfully add one to your document.

1. Go to Google Docs then choose a document to edit.

To begin, launch your browser and navigate to Google Docs. Afterward, you can opt to edit an existing document or create a new one.

2. Select “Insert” from the menu bar then a drop-down menu will emerge.

In your document, click the “Insert” button in the menu bar to bring up a drop-down menu. This will display several options for what you want to include in your document.

3. Choose table from the menu list then click a single box from the table options.

Select “table” from the list of available choices, and a small table options menu will appear on the right side of the drop-down list, where you should only click one box.

4. Resize the table depending on your preference.

The table that appeared in your document is most likely rectangular. So, resize it to your liking; you can extend all sides by dragging them until the border is in the size you want.

5. You can edit the format of your border on the right-most side of the toolbar.

After you’ve added a table, the toolbar will automatically include border options on the right-hand side. In this section, you can change the format of your border depending on how you want it to look. You can change the width, color, and dash of the border.

Drawing the Border

You can use this method if you want a border that isn’t the standard square or rectangle shape. This will allow you to insert a border in various shapes based on your preferences. To do it, simply follow this 6-step guide.

1. Click “Insert” on the menu bar for a drop-down list to appear.

Click “Insert” in the menu bar on your document, and a drop-down menu will appear on your screen.

2. Select “Drawing” then click the option “New.”

Choose “Drawing” from the drop-down list, then “New,” and a pop-up window will appear on your screen where you can draw and add shapes or whatever you want.

3. Click the shapes icon on the toolbar then choose “Shapes.”

Click the shapes icon on the toolbar in the drawing window, select “Shapes” from the small drop-down menu. You will be given a variety of shapes to include in your document.

4. Choose your preferred shape for your border.

Choose the shape you want your border to be from the available options.

5. Resize and format the border on the border options that appeared on the toolbar.

After you’ve created a shape, a border menu will appear on the drawing window’s toolbar. You can resize and format your border in this section of the toolbar.

6. Click the “Save and close” button.

The changes you’ve made will not be automatically applied if you don’t save them, so you must click the “Save and close” button on the upper right side of the window to insert the shapes or borders you’ve created.

Additional Notes

Yes, adding borders to your pages in Google Docs is just as easy as that. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that one may experience trouble adding texts to inside the bordered pages using the two techniques. In this case, simply ensure that you click on the element used as the border first and type inside it.