Creating A Table Of Contents In Google Docs

We often create our school essays, academic paperwork, research papers, and many more on Google Docs—and sometimes it includes creating really long ones. In those cases, creating a table of contents at the beginning of the page would be held essential in guiding the readers about the content of the document.


It doesn’t only make your document much more organized, but also gives them an overview of what the article or content is all about. If you wish to insert a Table of Contents in your academic paper but don’t know how to, this will truly guide you.

1. Open a document and click “Insert”.

Open a new document or the one you wish to edit. Afterward, look for “Insert” at the menu bar located in the upper part of your screen.

2. Look for Table of Contents and choose the style you want.

Once you click it, scroll down and select “Table of Contents”. It will show you two different formats or styles you can choose from, so make sure to select one. In the example below, I chose to use the one with the page numbers.

3. Format the text using the head styles.

Now that you’ve already inserted a table of contents in your document, know that it doesn’t end there. You would have to manually format or edit the titles or chapters you will be indicating in your table of contents.

Here’s a sample of a completed Table of Contents that shows the page numbers:

However, you can also use its second format or style, the one with the blue links. Though both work the same way, this one allows you to visit the particular page of the chosen chapter or topic by clicking the link embedded into it.

Key Takeaways

If you want to change something in your table of contents, don’t worry because there’s always the option of updating it. This feature in Google Docs is a lot helping for making things more convenient for you especially when you’re working on writing a book analysis, project, research paper, and other things as such.

That’s it now for this guide. I hope you can comfortably make your table of contents the next time!