How To Clear Mobdro Cache on the Amazon Firestick

The Amazon Firestick has to be one of the best small devices ever invented. It’s diminutive, powerful, cheap and opens up an entire world of media with just an internet connection. One such app that opens up that world is Modbro. A free app that provides access to a wide range of streams from across the world. The app isn’t the most reliable though, which is why we put together this tutorial on clearing Mobdro cache on the Amazon Firestick.


Given the number of questions we get asked about using Modbro on the Amazon Firestick and the various issues with it that are fixed by clearing the cache, it seemed right to write a tutorial on it. Clearing the cache isn’t the only way to troubleshoot Modbro if it isn’t working so I’ll show you a couple of others that can fix common problems.

Clearing the cache on the Amazon Firestick

The cache is like RAM on your computer. A temporary store of files used by the Amazon Firestick and by other apps to help them run. After prolonged use and sometimes randomly, files can become corrupted or are partially overwritten. Clearing the cache forces the Firestick to load fresh copies of those files, which is how clearing the cache can fix a multitude of issues with the device and any apps it uses.

Here’s how to clear the cache on an Amazon Firestick:

  1. Load into the Firestick and select Settings.
  2. Select Applications and Manage Installed Applications.
  3. Select Modbro from the list and it should bring up the details.
  4. Select Clear Cache from that page.

You can clear the cache from any application you have installed on your Amazon Firestick. This is a solid first step when troubleshooting application issues on most devices and should be something you get used to doing if you use your Firestick often. It won’t fix every problem but it will fix a lot of them!

Troubleshooting Modbro on the Amazon Firestick

There are a few known issues with Modbro that appear fairly regularly during use. Fortunately there is an easy fix for each of them.

Fix the Modbro parse error

If you see parse errors when trying to use Modbro, this is usually because Android was updated and Modbro wasn’t. Visit the Modbro website and download the latest version, then install it again on your Firestick.

The Live Stream is Currently Offline errors

This is a frequent error on Modbro but isn’t always down to the app itself. This is usually a connection or source error. The easiest way to fix this is to reset your VPN connection or reset Modbro itself. If the error persists, select a different source for the title you’re trying to watch.

Channels can often go offline and these are not controlled by Modbro. If you see this, just choose another.

Category lists are empty in Modbro

This is another frequent occurrence when you use Modbro although I haven’t seen it myself. One way to overcome it is to reset your VPN connection. Others include restarting Modbro or resetting DNS from your router. This is a little extreme and I would only suggest doing it as a last resort.

Modbro stuttering or freezing

Modbro stuttering or freezing can usually be fixed by clearing the cache. You should also make sure your Firestick isn’t trying to do anything else at the same time, although it shouldn’t be able to. You can also try restarting the app and the Firestick.

You might also want to check your internet connection. If you live in a busy household, there may be someone else using all your bandwidth. Open a different app or web browser and assess the general speed of your connection. If all looks good, it is likely Modbro. If it’s generally slow you should investigate your connection further.

Modbro crashing or acting strangely

As far as I know, there is one legit source for the Modbro app and that is the website. There are lots of other sources online but I don’t know whether they offer copies of the legit app or have added their own little surprises. If the app is acting strangely, uninstall it from your Firestick, download a fresh copy from the website and install that instead. If there was something else in the file, it will be removed. If there isn’t, a reinstallation will still fix most problems.

Clearing the Mobdro cache on the Amazon Firestick is a straightforward process that can fix the majority of issues with the app. If it doesn’t, you now have some other fixes that should restore your viewing. Good luck with it!