How To Check if Someone is Verified on Bumble

In theirown words, Bumble says verification is a way to ‘kiss catfish goodbye’. It’s a valuableservice that seeks to remove one of the main downsides to dating apps andencourage more people to interact using this particular dating app. Withverification becoming more popular, how can you check if someone is verified onBumble?

In manyways Bumble is the same as other dating apps and in other ways it’s better.Verification supplements the women first methodology to help provide a muchmore positive and less annoying environment for daters. As catfishing is such aproblem with online dating, getting verified is a virtual no-brainer.

Let’s discuss how to check if someone is verified on Bumble and then move on to becoming verified yourself.

Check if someone is verifiedon Bumble

Verificationwithin Bumble isn’t about proving you’re a C-list celebrity. It’s about provingthat you are who you say you are and that the images you’re using in yourBumble profile are really you. As we all know, it is incredibly simple to setup a fake profile, download fake images and use them to get interest. Whathappens next varies from person to person but it’s never anything good.

Datingprofile verification has been a long time coming and now it’s finally here,everyone should use it.

To check tosee if someone is verified on Bumble, just look for the small blue checkmarknext to someone’s name in their profile. It should show up on the main profilepic at the bottom next to their name and age. Blink and you’ll miss it but onceyou know it’s there, you will be looking for it all the time.

Get verified on Bumble

So how doyou earn that blue checkmark? The process is actually very straightforward.Moderation is done by humans so it may take a few hours to come through butonce done, your own account will show that checkmark for all potential dates tosee.

Here’s howto verify your dating profile on Bumble.

  1. Open your account and select Edit.
  2. Select the ‘Verify Your Account’button.
  3. Select Verify Now in the popup. Youwill be shown an image you have to copy exactly.
  4. Select I’m Ready when you’re readyto take the picture.
  5. Copy the pose and hit the button totake a selfie.
  6. Select Submit if you think you havecopied the post closely enough.

Oncechecked by a human moderator, you should receive a message that says you havepassed verification and you should see the blue tick appear next to yourprofile pic.

If youreceive a declined message, you have the opportunity to retake the pic. Makesure you copy the pose exactly and that you are easily recognizable in theimage. The whole point of verification is to make sure you can be recognized bya moderator. They will compare your face with your profile pic and make theirdecision based on that.

If you fail verification, your profile is immediately deactivated so make sure you get it right first try. You should receive a message telling you it failed and give you an opportunity to retake the pic but if you fail, you’re out of Bumble for good.

Does verification improve yourchances of getting a date?

I cannotfind any quantifiable evidence that becoming verified on Bumble actually improvesyour chances of getting a date. However, from a user perspective, it has toimprove your chances. Catfishing is one of the main challenges with datingapps. It has stopped some people using them altogether and definitely contributesto why we are first so cagey when connecting with someone. For females, thismust be especially true as there seem to be many more male catfish out therethan female.

Either way,seeing the little blue tick must offer some reassurance to anyone using theapp. While there is no guarantee that the profile isn’t phoney, at least you knowthe images aren’t. You still might not click and really might not get on butone of the main problems with using an app has been circumvented.

I thinkverification is sure to help your chances. I’m sure guys won’t look twice atwhether a girl is verified or not but I’m guessing many girls will. It’s one tinystep to help improve your chances on the app and after spending hours puttingtogether a winning profile and posing for hundred of profile pics to get themjust right, it makes sense to spend an extra 30 seconds becoming verified.

Have youbeen verified on Bumble? Have you had more matches since? Think the systemworks? Tell us your thoughts below!