How To Check if you’re Banned on Twitch

Twitch ismainly a positive, creative place we go to escape the world for a while and immerseourselves in our games, hobbies, social groups or something completelydifferent. Sometimes real life does intrude, an overeager mod, a bot that getsthings wrong or some kind of behavior that is seen as unacceptable, it all getsin the way. If you’re a regular user of chat, do you know how to check ifyou’re banned on Twitch?

There are other kinds of bans on Twitch but it’s mainly being banned from chat that people suffer from most. Some channels have gotten themselves banned but not without a reason. It’s chat where most of user’s confusion stems from.

Banned on Twitch

We have seen where broadcasters have been banned, Dr Disrespect is a good example when he was banned in June 2019 for streaming from a public bathroom. He was banned for violating the broadcast agreement with Twitch and while it didn’t go down well, it shows the community that Twitch is serious about maintaining some kind of standard. That’s even more true when you consider he is one of Twitch’s most popular streamers.

We haveseen other channels disappear for a while over bad behavior or some infractionor other so everyone knows Twitch has rules. It’s in our nature to push them alittle, which is why we sometimes need to check whether we are banned or not.Hence this post.

I don’t know anyone who would risk their channel to experiment with getting banned for my article research so I’m concentrating on being banned from chat on a particular channel. Getting chat banned is simple so I’ll do that instead.

Check if you’re banned onTwitch

There are acouple of really simple ways you can check if you’re banned from chat on aTwitch channel. One can be done within Twitch and the other from an externalwebsite.

You can beblocked by the streamer or their mods or Twitch themselves. You’re not given areason, you’re not given any explanation at all. Nine times out of ten, it’s obviouswhy you got banned as it would have been something you said or did. It isn’talways the case though as some streamers or mods can make mistakes or get overzealous.

Banned by Twitch

When youjoin a channel and try to chat, you may see a message that says something like ‘Youhave been blocked from using Twitch.’ This means Twitch has blocked you and notthe streamer. This is a more serious ban and you’re going to have to followthis up with Twitch. Good luck with that as they rarely seem to respond toanyone regarding bans.

If you see that message, your account may have been banned from chat by Twitch. This is covered in detail on the account suspension page on the website. The terms are quite clear to read and will likely be closely adhered to if it is Twitch doing the banning. There is an appeals process but this can take anything up to three weeks to get sorted.

There is also a website called Twitch Insights where you can check usernames to see if you’re banned or not. I don’t know how accurate it is but it might be worth a shot.

Banned by a mod orstreamer

If you werebanned by a streamer or one of their mods, you will only be banned from thatone channel and should be able to chat everywhere else. You won’t always see anotification of the ban, you will just suddenly find you cannot chat in aparticular channel.

There areoften strange reasons, random reasons or no reason at all for a chat ban. It’s oneof the more frustrating elements of Twitch. The platform and its streamers haveto maintain control somehow and the volume of bans means mistakes will occasionallybe made and innocents caught up in those bans.

If youthink you’re caught up in a channel chat ban, try typing ‘/mod’ into chat andsee what happens. If the command doesn’t work, you’re banned. If it works fine,there is something else going on.

If you’rebanned, contact the streamer or whisper a mod and discuss the issue. Be nice.Be polite and see why you were banned. If you genuinely and honestly think youwere caught up in something, just say so. If you think you know why you gotbanned, showing a little remorse never hurts and could get you unbanned.