How To Check Discord Server Age

Discord is an app that allows you and your friends to chat with each other, either through messages, voice, or video. You can DM them, or you can create a server and invite all your friends. Most people use servers to coordinate games.

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All servers have a creation date, which is like their birthday. But checking it could be a little tricky. Therefore, this guide is to help you discover the age of your server, or any other server actually. 

Step 1

The first thing you must do is find your server’s ID. Everything has a unique ID, including servers, users, and messages. If you are in the desktop app, you must activate developer mode. Just click on user settings. 

Step 2

Once you are inside the menu, you have to click on Appearance, which is on the menu on the left side of the interface. 

Step 3

Scroll down until you spot the developer mode. It is the first option in the advanced section, enable it.

Step 4

Click on the escape button on the top right corner. Now, go to the server’s profile picture, right-click on it and then click on copy ID. This option is at the end of the menu.

Step 5

Paste the server’s ID at another location. You will need the 18 digit code later. 

Step 6

Open the developer tool with ctrl+shift+I. Then copy this string:  function getCreationDate(id) { return new Date((id / 4194304) + 1420070400000); } getCreationDate(“insertId”)

Step 7

Open the console at the developer’s tool. Then copy the string into it. 

Step 8

Change the “insertID” with your server’s ID code. If you didn’t copy and paste it in another location, you can copy it again as you did in step 4.

Step 9

When you finish replacing the number, hit the enter button. It will take a couple of seconds for the console to provide you with the exact date and time for the creation of the server.

This also works if you want to find out the creation date of any user or any other message that you, or others, send. You just need the ID. To find the ID you have to click on the user, message, or server and copy the ID and paste it on the string provided in Step 6. 

As you can see, the procedure is pretty simple. Also, if you are logging in from a browser, the procedure is exactly the same one. Remember to enable the developer mode, if not, you won’t be able to copy any ID. The rest is a simple copy and paste job.


Quick advice, this is perfect to avoid pranks. If someone is telling you that someone writes something about you, just ask for the ID; fake messages don’t have an ID, so the jokes are on him. It is also useful to avoid any kind of scams; remember never to share sensitive information through Discord or any other chat interface.