How To Check If A Bumble Account Has Been Deleted

Bumble is a fairly new dating app that is crushing the market. It has millions of users all around the world, and people love it. Why? Bumble is, in a certain way, unique. In all other dating apps, the man was the one that usually makes the first approach. Not because he must do it, but because men are somehow more desperate than women when it comes to finding a date. In Bumble, however, this process is different. Here, the woman must make the first approach. This means that when two people match if the woman does not write, the man can’t write first.

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This is done to avoid an awkward situation and to lure more women to use this app. But this also means that, if more women are using the app, more men joining to enhance their chances of finding a possible partner. This simple change is what is making Bumble stand out from its competitors. 

In addition, Bumble gives a 24-hour deadline to start any conversation with the person that you have matched. Once that time expires, both get unmatch, and you cannot talk to that person again. Some people might not like this feature, but you have to admit that it clearly speeds up the conversion process. Which brings a faster date as a consequence.

But what happens when you are talking to someone, and he or she deletes his or her account? Let’s show you what happens with an example.

My match Deleted Her/his Profile

You can start a conversation with someone as soon as you get a match. Of course, if you are a man, you have to wait a little bit more. However, if the gal is interested in you she will write to you. A normal conversation should look like this:

Yes, I know; I’m writing to myself but this just for show. Now, let’s see what happens if someone deletes the account. 

As you can see, the conversation still exists, and you can see all the funny and beautiful messages that you both shared. However, you can no longer write any messages, and you can see that your match’s profile picture is gone. If these signs are not enough for you, you can check the message at the bottom of the conversation window. It says, “We hate to disappoint you, but it looks like his user has left Bumble. Perhaps it’s time to make another connection?”, this should be enough to understand that your former match is no longer available. 

Sometimes this could bring your confidence down. But don’t worry, people always have second thoughts when it comes to dating. At least you know that he or she has left Bumble for good, which, if you ask me, is better than an unmatch or to be ignored for 24 hours straight. So don’t take this personally; take Bumble’s advice and move on, the love of your life is just one click away!