Changing The Layer Order In Google Slides

When you have too many elements, say for example multiple images, on a single slide and you want to arrange them in an order where one image should slightly be behind the other—or vice-versa—that’s actually not a problem when working in Google Slides. This is because they have specific features that enable you to easily fix the layer order of everything you’re working on within your slide.


You can bring it to the front, put it back, and so on. Well, if this is one thing you’d like to apply and do when working on a presentation in Google Slides, you’ve come to the right site to guide you. Here, we’ll be discussing the process of how you can start fixing the layer of your elements in every slide without difficulty.

1. Open the slideshow you’re working on.

Among your existing projects and presentations, choose and open the one you’d like to fix or edit.

2. Click the object you wish to layer correctly.

Now that you’ve opened it, go to the specific slide where you’d like to fix the layer order of the elements. It could be an image, an inserted text, and any other things similar. As for the example below, the object we aim to edit is the inserted text box. When you see the blue outline and squares on the corners of the selected element, that means you have clicked it already.

3. Right-click on your mouse and select “Order”.

Now, simply right-click on your mouse and select the “Order” option where you can see all the options for layering the selected element.

Another way of accessing the “Order” option would be to click Arrange on the menu bar, and that option will immediately appear on the first line.

4. Choose your preferred option.

You can choose among four options, bring to the front, bring forward, send backward, and send to back. Well, if your goal is to put the selected text box to the front, then you would simply have to choose the “bring to the front” option.

If you know that you have too many overlapping elements and you just want to move it up or down by a single layer, select “bring forward” or “send backward”. But if your goal is to put it to the end layer, the best option for that would be “send to back”.

In this example, the “send backward” and “send-to-back” options are grayed out because the selected object is already at the very end layer, which means that these options can’t be applied anymore.

Achieve Great Layout in Google Slides

Knowing how to fix the layer order of your elements in a slide is a very essential technique you can use to achieve a presentable layout for your slideshow. It allows your slide to avoid looking cramped, messy, or simply unorganized. Indeed, the options can be quite confusing at first but after you get used to it, there actually won’t be any problem anymore as you’ll know how to apply them properly.