How To Change Your Gmail Password On The IPhone

Gmail is, hands down, the most useful email service of the world. Almost everyone has at least one Gmail account. But Gmail is much more than that. It has evolved and now provides access to a lot of features like Google Drive, where you can use Google docs. It might not look like a big deal, but it is. With Google docs, you can sort out the compatibility problems between Mac and Windows.


Additionally, two or more people can work on the same document in real-time, which is perfect for tea, projects. If this wasn’t enough, with a Gmail account, you will get access to Google Hangouts and many other great features. 

Unfortunately, almost everything nowadays is password protected. Your phone, bank account, PC, social networks, and, of course, email accounts. Therefore, it is very easy to either mix or forgets all these passwords. Or it might come the day that you wish to change one of them. Let’s say that you wish to change your Gmail password/ But you want to do it from your iPhone on the good; let’s see how the process is. 

Step 1

Open the Gmail app on your iPhone. Head to the top left corner, and you will see a tree horizontal lines icon; click it. 

Step 2

Once the drop-down menu unfolds, scroll until its end and click on the Settings option. It is the second option from the bottom up. 

Step 3

Now, inside the settings screen, choose the account that you wish to change its password. If you have more than one Gmail account linked to your device, the account that is on top should be the one that you wish to change its password. You can change it if this is not the case. You just have to click on the account that you want to modify, and that is all. 

Step 4

Click on the manage your account option, which is at the top of the screen. Then choose the security option.

Step 5

Head down a bit once you are inside the security section. Click on the password option. 

Step 6

Type in your current password to continue. Then, you must choose your new password and type it twice, one time on the new password section and the other on confirming password space. Click on the change password button, and the process should be completed. 

This same process is valid if you are trying to change it from your iPad device. Note that, depending on the version of your iOS, the interface could be a little different. But the options stay the same regardless of the version. So this is valid whether you have the first iPhone or a newer model. Bear in mind that you can’t do this process without your current password. Therefore, if you don’t know it, you must do a different process. 

You might think that the process is a little longer, but it won’t take more than 5 minutes. So don’t worry; it is not rocket science. Just try not to forget your new password. This is usually the hardest part of changing your login information.