How To Cancel HBO On The Firestick

In the era of modern technology and advance innovation, firestick is one of the most popular portable devices of streaming technology. The full-featured device can transform any TV with HDMI port into a smart TV instantly. Thousands of channels can be added to your TV through the firestick, including sports, TV apps, Netflix, HBO, etc. the portable device comes with a built-in microphone to control voice. So, you can enjoy your TV shows, movies without moving from your couch. It is also easy to set up the firestick to your TV with HDMI port. Therefore, most of the people now are adopting the full-featured portable device at their home.


In the entertainment world, now, certain subscription services offer streaming access to exclusive content in their channel only. Since, you can add numerous channels, individuals used to subscribe to many channels only for a specific show. For instance, people signed up for HBO channel to watch the final season of Game of Thrones. After the season gets over, there hardly any use of the channel. In that case, individuals want to unsubscribe to that channel on firestick. If you do not cancel the channel, the subscription continues even you do not need the channel anymore. There is the availability of subscription to any channel at any time for the customers. Likewise, you can unsubscribe to the channel at your convenience.

Therefore, many individuals choose to subscribe to a channel for binge-watching a show, then unsubscribe when they are done. Among many popular shows, Game of Thrones is the most popular show around the world, for which people used to subscribe to HBO channel. After the season got over, people prefer to unsubscribe the channel from their TV to save money and time. When you unsubscribe the channel, it is canceled from the system till you re-subscribe it on arrival of your favorite show. To cancel your channel subscription depends on the mode of your payment, there are options to subscribe it from HBO, through iTunes, Verizon, Roku, and Amazon. Well, there are several simple steps through which you can cancel HBO channel on firestick.

Cancel your subscription directly through HBO

  1.  First, you have to log into your HBO account, navigate to the billing section
  2. Then select manage your subscription
  3. Click on auto-renew monthly to turn off
  4. Confirm by clicking on yes to turn the subscription off

You can cancel the HBO channel through these simple steps if you have subscribed it directly through HBO.

Cancel HBO through iTunes

If you have paid for the channel through iTunes, you can cancel the subscription through iPad or iPhone. You can also use web browsers for access.

  1. Log on to your iTunes by your Apple ID
  2. Select and view my account
  3. Provide your password and click on view account
  4. Go to settings, and then manage next to the subscription
  5. Click on HBO Now and turn off automatic renewal

You can go in this procedure in an iOS device to cancel the subscription of HBO.

Cancel subscription through Verizon

  1. Log on to your Verizon account
  2. Select auto-pay or subscriptions
  3. Click on HBO and cancel
  4. Confirm

You can cancel the channel subscription on Verizon through the customer service.

Cancellation of subscription through Roku

If you have subscribed the channel from Roku store, you can follow the steps here to cancel your HBO subscription.

  1. On your Roku device, navigate to the channel store from your home screen.
  2. In the channel list, select HBO and click on manage subscription
  3. Click on cancel subscription
Amazon subscription page

You can follow these steps, or you can cancel the subscription in Roku website.

Cancel HBO through Amazon
  1. Go to your Amazon subscription page
  2. Select video subscription or channels, and then select HBO now
  3. Click on cancel subscription

People, who use Amazon firestick, subscribe the channel through Amazon and it is easy to unsubscribe the channel from here. After this procedure, to confirm your choice, Amazon may ask you to login into the account again.

By cancelling the channel from your system, you will lose access to the channel. You can subscribe it again to watch your favorite shoe after the launch, till then you do not have to pay for the channel. With these simple steps, you can cancel HBO now on the firestick; the cancellation depends on the mode you have subscribed the channel. However, you can unsubscribe to any channel through the procedure to save your money and time.