Can You Watch YouTube On Discord?

Can you watch YouTube on Discord? Can you play YouTube videos within Discord so your friends can watch them together even though you’re in different parts of the world? These two questions appear often in the SwipeTips mailbox and I think it’s about time we answered.


The short answer is no, you cannot watch YouTube videos within Discord. There is an online platform called Zapier that says it can link the two together but it’s a premium app for unlimited use. It is designed to link disparate apps together to help automate business functions and says it can link Discord and YouTube but costs $20 a month.

There are other ways to watch YouTube with your Discord friends though.

Watch YouTube with Discord users

If you want to all watch the same videos together, you would be much better off using an app designed for the task. Discord isn’t designed for video but there are lots out there that are. Many of them can coordinate viewing and are often referred to as ‘watch together’ apps as they allow exactly that.

In this situation, a watch together app would be much more effective. Here are a few good ones.


ShareTube is a very competent video sharing app that works purely with YouTube. It’s about as simple as it gets. You create a room, give it a name, select a video, copy the room link and share it on your Discord server. Anyone with the link can join the room and watch the video with you.

There are no chat functions or other interactivity but you have Discord for that. With ShareTube, you have synchronized playback of any video on YouTube that will play the same for everyone in the room. The platform seems very stable and has worked every time I tried it.


Watch2Gether does much the same thing but also adds the ability to do other things within a shared room. This was recommended to me by a friend who is in an LDR with someone across the country and they use it all the time. Discord users can also do the same.

It works much the same as ShareTube. You create a room, share the link, set up a video or album and watch at the same time. Wherever in the world you might be, you all get to watch the video at once. This app also has chat functions and webcam support, which may work for your needs too.


Gaze is a middle ground between ShareTube and Watch2Gether. It has the simplicity of ShareTube but some of the social aspects of Watch2Gether. It’s a video sharing app that creates a room to watch YouTube, video call, share your own media files and chat. It’s an attractive interface that works well.

Gaze is free, easy to use and is reliable enough to be relied upon. While seemingly designed more for LDRs than gaming, if the features are there and they work, it doesn’t matter what their intentions are!


Kast is a very polished app that can do more than share YouTube with Discord users. It used to be called Rabbit but was rebranded to Kast. It can share a browser, host video calls, offer chat, TV shows, play games and generally share your network connection. It’s more like a remote desktop than a video sharing app and seems to work very well.

You have to sign up for an account to use Kast but otherwise the app seems free to use. You also need to download an app, presumably to enable the browser sharing and extra features it offers over these other apps.


MyCircleTV is a similar setup to these others but is much simpler than Kast. It’s a basic video sharing app with a room feature, chat and more. This is a bit slower than Gaze and ShareTube to get going but once synced, it plays videos and enables you to chat within the app if you don’t want to use Discord.

You don’t need to register to use MyCircleTV but you can if you want. You can also upload your own videos to the app and share those in the same way you would share a YouTube video.

It’s a shame you cannot share a YouTube video within Discord but that’s not what Discord is about. I’m fine with using these other watch together apps instead while keeping Discord open. Until Discord add videos as a built-in feature anyway.