Can You View Your Deleted Discord Messages?

Can you view deleted Discord messages? Are DMs kept even if you delete them on your app? Can your deleted messaged be restored by server owners or admins? These are three common questions we see in comments and via email and I think it’s high time we answered.


Messaging is one part of Discord but is used more than most others. While predominantly a voice app, text chat is still huge. Not everyone has a mic, not everyone is in a position to voice chat while on the bus, in class, at work or wherever so text is often busier than voice. If you have been housekeeping, were the victim of some inflammatory messages or witness to someone being bullied and saw those messages deleted, can you get them back?

Deleted Discord messages

The short answer is no you cannot view your deleted Discord messages. Once they have been deleted, they are gone forever. It is the same for text chat and for Direct Messages and has been confirmed numerous times by Discord themselves.

If you delete your own chat messages they are gone from the server for good. Server owners will not be able to see your chats either as that is part of Discord privacy. Discord may have their own audit logs with the messages but as far as the application goes, they no longer exist.

If you delete your own DMs, they are gone from your app for good. The other party within the DM chat will still have their copy but yours are gone. Server owners will not have audit logs for these but I assume Discord will as DMs still transit Discord servers.

Reporting toxicity in Discord

Knowing all that, how do you then report messages to Discord if they can be deleted so easily? Toxicity comes in many forms and while Discord is better than most online social spaces, it isn’t perfect. People will be people after all. But if someone can say something insulting and then just delete the message, how can you police that?

If you see insulting messages in Discord, you have to move quickly. You need to grab a screenshot and preferably capture the message ID and user ID too. Any reports to Discord will require the server ID, message ID and User ID. Two of which are permanent but the message ID will disappear along with the message once deleted.

If you are to report chat to a mod or admin or even to Discord themselves, you need to act fast.

Take a screenshot of the Discord Window. Ctrl + PrtScrn in Windows, Shift + Command + 4 on Mac, Power and volume Up on Android and Side button and volume up on iPhone.

Once you have a screenshot you at least have supporting evidence for any complaint you might make. It would help a lot if you also captured the message ID. This is essential if you want to report to Discord but will also help an admin or mod if you’re alerting them too.

Select the line of chat you want to report, select the three dot menu icon to the right, select Copy ID. Paste it somewhere and repeat for every line you’ll be reporting.

Alert your server admin or moderator to the chat and provide them with the message ID, username or User ID and the screenshot via DM if requested. They can take it from there.

Reporting toxicity to Discord

If things are so bad that you think Discord should become involved, you can use their reporting setup. It uses a web form to report bad behavior and is a fairly useful system. You will require the server ID, message ID and User ID to report. If you don’t have all these, Discord will likely not investigate. A screenshot can help too.

Do this on desktop:

  1. Visit this page on the Discord website.
  2. Select Trust & Safety from the menu and complete the form.
  3. Keep your description straightforward and truthful and include all of the IDs requested.
  4. Add your screenshot in the Attachments.
  5. Select Submit.

Do this on mobile:

  1. Visit on browser of your mobile.
  2. Under submit a request choose Trust and Safety.
  3. Choose what type of report you want to submit and keep your description straightforward and truthful.
  4. Add your screenshot in the Attachments.
  5. Select submit to complete the report.

While Discord say they don’t look at messages, if you report a violation with a message ID, they can check their system logs and take appropriate action. I’m not sure how effective their system is or how long it takes to investigate but it’s the only system they have.

Have you reported harassment to Discord? How long did it take to investigate? What happened? Tell us about your experiences below!