Can You View Mutual Contacts On Skype?

Do you want to see all the mutual contacts you have with another user on Skype? Is it possible to do so? If not, can you at least view the number of mutual friends you have with someone? We’ll answer all these questions in our guide below.


Skype is a popular messaging app that can help you communicate with individuals or groups of people online. It allows you to send messages, make calls, host meetings, and form group chats with your contacts or friends for free.

To find your friends on the platform, you can use the search function and enter the person’s name, email address, or phone number. Since your friends might have a common name, you can narrow down the results by adding a location in your search inquiry.

However, unlike other social media apps like LinkedIn or Facebook, Skype doesn’t allow its users to view their mutual contacts with another user. For privacy purposes, Skype only displays the number of mutual contacts you have with someone.

Although that’s the case, it is still useful in narrowing down the search results. A high number of mutual contacts can help you determine the right profile on the app.

Where can I find the number of mutual contacts I have with someone on Skype?

When you look for someone on Skype using their name, there might be a lot of people in the search results. As such, you can click on each one and check if you have any mutual friends. In this way, you roughly confirm that you searched for the right person.

You can find the number of mutual friends you have with a person on the chat window after clicking a profile on the search results. You can locate it under a user’s name and location.

Please note that you can only view this feature on people that are not on your contacts list. To protect a user’s privacy, it can only help you narrow down search results if you’re looking for a stranger on the app.

To wrap it all up

Unfortunately, Skype users can’t view any of the mutual contacts of someone they search on the app. You can only check for the numbers of mutual friends when you search for a non-contact user on the platform.

Aside from that, the number of mutual contacts is only useful to someone searching for a specific user on Skype. A high number of mutual contacts usually tells you that you have the right person and it’s someone you might know.

That’s all we have on us! We hope that our guide answered all of your questions about mutual friends on Skype. For more tips, tricks, and guides, hit the bookmark button and visit us regularly.