Can You Tell If You’re Blocked On GroupMe?

Can you tell if you’re blocked on GroupMe? Is there a definitive way to tell if someone has blocked you or not? Does blocking someone remove them from your group? Why do I still see messages from someone I blocked? All these questions and more will be answered in this post.

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SwipeTips gets a lot of questions from readers for various apps. I try to collect a few of the more popular ones into a single post whenever they overlap or where the questions are similar. This is one of those times. As most of the questions are around blocking or avoiding people on GroupMe, it makes sense to answer these all at once.

So let’s get on with it!

Can you tell if you’re blocked on GroupMe?

Short answer, no. GroupMe doesn’t seem to have any way to tell if someone has blocked you or not. The blocked person is not notified and there is no obvious change in how the app behaves if you do block someone. If the blocked person DMs you, they don’t get an undeliverable message, the DM just disappears.

Apparently someone on Reddit said that if you DM someone, log out of GroupMe and log back in you won’t see the sent DM. I tried this and it didn’t work. Your mileage may vary though.

Lots of chat apps won’t notify you of being blocked. It’s a negative on the app and most social networks don’t want you to feel negativity as it could stop you using it.

Does blocking someone remove them from your group in GroupMe?

Blocking is an individual setting while a group chat is not individual. Even if you’re the group owner, blocking someone will not remove them from your group. You will still see their messages in group chat and still see them in the group user list. You will have to manually remove someone from your group if you don’t want to see them anymore.

To remove someone from your GroupMe group, do this:

  1. Select your group avatar in GroupMe.
  2. Select Members and select the person you want to remove from your group.
  3. Select Remove from Group.

If you’re using the app, you can select the person to access the popup menu to remove. On desktop you can hover over their name and you should see a popup there with Remove. Either way, that person is now gone from your group and can only return with an invite.

Why do I still see messages from someone I blocked in GroupMe?

Blocking only stops that person from Direct Messaging you. It does not stop them participating in group chats when you are both a member. If you block someone you will still see their messages within that group chat but won’t receive any DMs from that time. If they have annoyed you so much that you don’t want them in the group, you will have to remove them as above, or ask the group owner to remove them.

Can I unblock a GroupMe user?

If you want to unblock someone in GroupMe, you can. Whether they show repentance, apologize or something else, the unblocking process is exactly the reverse of blocking them.

  1. Select Contacts in GroupMe.
  2. Select the contact you blocked and select Unblock.
  3. Confirm your choice and the block is removed.

You can also unblock the individual from within a group chat by selecting the avatar, selecting the individual and selecting unblock in the same way you would block.

How to end a group in GroupMe

If you have had enough of the group, it has come to a natural end or there is too much toxicity within that group, you can end it if you’re the group owner. If too many people are acting up that doesn’t make removing them viable, you can end the group and start a new one.

You can only end the group if you’re the group owner. Otherwise you have to leave the group. Either way, the instructions are the same.

  1. Select the group within GroupMe.
  2. Select the group avatar and select Settings.
  3. Select End Group or Leave Group.
  4. Confirm your choice if prompted.

Ending the group will drop all users and remove the group from your group list. You can then start another or save yourself the hassle and just join someone else’s group.

GroupMe is usually a nice place to hang out but there are always a few that like to spoil things for others. Your options are limited within the app but there are things you can do to keep it a positive place. Good luck out there!