Can You Tell If Someone Muted You In Discord?

Can you tell if someone muted you in Discord? What notifications are there that you may have been silenced? What’s the difference between server mute and local mute? Discord is a deceptively simple system that is easy to manage and to use but does have a few hidden complexities. We are going to discuss the thorny subject of blocking and muting and whether you can tell if someone muted you in Discord.


The majority of servers on Discord are positive places where like-minded people hang out and chat. Whether you discuss games, TV, movies, politics or something else, the majority of the chat is good natured. While things may get heated at times, it’s all in the name of open discourse. There are of course, times and certain users where that isn’t the case. This is the internet after all!

Like any social space online, Discord has mechanisms for handling that. One of the least likely to cause trouble is muting.

Muted on Discord

There are two types of muting on Discord. Server or channel muting and local muting. A server/channel mute requires you to be a server owner or admin while anyone can mute someone locally.

Server muting in Discord

A server mute is when an admin, server owner or moderator with the right permissions can silence a user or users for the entire server. They will no longer be heard by anyone on the server and will eventually go away. This is obvious to everyone as the noise suddenly dissipates and the user causing trouble finds themselves silenced.

Users cannot server mute, only users with the right permissions can do that. If you ever need to do it, right click on the user’s name in the server and select Server Mute. If you’re on a mobile, long press on their name until the option appears in a popup.

Once they have calmed down or promised to behave, you can repeat the above process to unmute them.

Channel mute in Discord

Channel muting works the same as server muting. Instead you just mute a channel rather than an entire server. You can do that by selecting the channel in the app and right clicking. Select Mute #channelname and you’re good. Perform the same steps to unmute the channel.

Local mute in Discord

Locate mute in Discord is a user setting that any member can use to silence a troublemaker. It will only stop them appearing on your own Discord and won’t affect any other user but is a very useful way to quieten things down if they are getting out of hand. It’s a less confrontational way of handling things than using a server mute but achieves the same goal. It won’t stop the person harassing someone else though but by then a mod or admin should get involved and handle things.

A local mute does not notify the other person that they have been muted. It should be quickly obvious as you fail to react to what they are saying or completely ignore their voice or text. There is no notification though which adds plausible deniability. This can be important on social media as well as on Discord.

To locally mute a Discord user, right click their name in the server list and select Mute. If you’re on mobile, long press their name and select Mute. If you change your mind or work it out, you can repeat the process and Unmute.

In local mute, there are no notifications, nothing send to admin or server owners and Discord isn’t alerted. This is purely a local thing you can handle yourself. If you need to take it further, discuss it with your server admin, moderator or raise an issue with Discord themselves.

If you do report it to an admin or to Discord, take screenshots of the chat for evidence. Do it before the other person can delete the messages. Proof is necessary for any action to be taken. Discord can look at chat logs but your admin or moderator will need screenshots as evidence.

Muting isn’t just for toxicity

Not everyone mutes other users purely because they are causing trouble. Sometimes conversations get loud or someone who likes to talk a lot joins a server. They are doing nothing wrong but they may be impacting your concentration or be distracting when you’re in the middle of something.

I have muted people like this quite a lot. Especially if I’m in the middle of a raid or something. A local mute offers blessed quiet for a little while as you perform whatever task it is you’re doing. You can then unmute the person once you’re finished and rejoin the server fully.