Can You Record Discord Audio With Audacity?

Can you record Discord audio with Audacity? How can you record audio in Discord so you can listen again later? Is it possible? With Discord being the number one gaming chat platform on the internet and Audacity being one of the best free audio editing programs around, it makes sense to see if these two work together.


You can record Discord audio with Audacity. However, if you’re planning to record a voice chat and want to hear your own voice on the recording as well as other people, you’re out of luck. Audacity only has a single audio input, so you can either hear the sound of your own voice or other people’s but not both. You can use OBS or the Craig bot for Discord for recording voice calls though.

Record Discord audio with Audacity

As mentioned above, if your intention is to record the goings on within Discord but don’t need your own voice or want to record your own voice but not others, you can do so in Audacity. As the program is such a powerful audio editor for no money, it makes sense to keep the program around. It is available for Linux, Windows and Mac.

You can use Audacity to record from your microphone which will pick up audio from Discord from your speakers. It’s a convoluted setup but gets the job done.

  1. Download and install Audacity.
  2. Select Edit and Preferences within Audacity once loaded.
  3. Select Devices from the popup window.
  4. Select the Recording device as your microphone.
  5. Fire up Discord and join a voice channel.
  6. Have the voice chat come through your speakers loud enough to record.
  7. Set Audacity to record using your mic.

You cannot use your mic to talk otherwise you will talk over the recording. You will also have to make sure the mic is far enough away from your speakers to not interfere with the audio but still pick it up. It’s an inelegant solution but it can work.

You would be much better off recording using the Craig bot or OBS though.

Record Discord audio with Craig

Craig is a Discord bot that can record multiple channels. It’s an excellent bot for recording conversations and can provide decent quality audio for any use.

  1. Invite Craig to your server using the website.
  2. Invite it to a channel when you want it to record.
  3. Ask Craig to leave when you’re done recording.
  4. Download your audio files for your personal use or upload them to your Google Drive.

When you invite Craig to your server, the bot begins recording right away. It saves each channel as a separate file and will DM you the location from which you can download them when you first invite it to your channel. Don’t lose that link. You then download the files and can listen to them in your normal audio player. This is a much better way to record audio in Discord.

Record Discord audio with OBS

As most Discord streamers use, or have used OBS, it makes sense to use that if you’re familiar with it. If you don’t want to use Craig, this is arguably the best way to record audio on a Discord channel. As OBS can have multiple audio inputs, you can hear your own voice as well as other people.

  1. Open OBS and set up a new scene.
  2. Select the ‘+’ by Sources at the bottom of the main OBS window.
  3. Select Desktop Audio and set it up in Settings and Audio. Select the same source as you listen, so if your Discord audio is using speakers, select speakers.
  4. Save the settings.
  5. Set up your mic as usual.
  6. Set up a second audio source if you want to for hearing the game you’re playing or whatever you’re doing.
  7. Start recording when you’re ready.

You might want to practise a little before going live as the levels may need equalizing to get right. OBS allows you to tune each channel individually with the Mixer. Run a short test recording and use the Mixer option to adjust the different levels so each audio track is audible and not canceling each other out.

I would always let the others on the Discord channel know you’re recording whenever you do this. In some countries, recording without consent is illegal and all over the world, recording without consent is really bad form. Either way, tell the others you’re recording for a stream, podcast or whatever and let the fun begin!