Can You Find Out When A Zoosk Account Was Created?

‘Can you find when a Zoosk account was created? My boyfriend has emails from Zoosk but says it was from before he met me and he has closed it down since then. The email was dated more recently than that. Can you tell when he created it?’ This is a reader email we received this week and isn’t the first on this type of subject.

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Online dating has changed the way we find love but not many of those changes have been positive. Dating apps have introduced angst, social rejection, social anxiety and turned what used to be a pleasurable experience, talking to someone in the real world, into a numbers game.

Despite all that, everyone uses them.

Back to the original question. Can you find when a Zoosk account was created?

Find when a Zoosk account was created

The only way to tell for sure when a Zoosk account was created is to find the original confirmation email. As far as I know from checking my own Zoosk account, there is no record of start dates or anywhere that tells you when you first signed up.

If you cannot find the original email, check bank statements for Zoosk payments. This won’t necessarily tell you when the account was created because it may have been a free account at first but it will tell you exactly when a premium subscription was taken out.

Neither method is perfect but Zoosk doesn’t record that kind of information as far as I can tell.

How to tell if a partner uses dating apps

Now to the wider question. How can you tell if your partner uses dating apps? It’s something we hear a lot both in the SwipeTips mailbox and on the internet at large. Online dating has caused catfishing and cheating to explode and it is rare for us to not know someone who has been cheated on in this way.

There are a couple of ways to tell if a partner is still using Tinder, Zoosk or other dating app.

You see notifications on their phone

Dating app notifications can be suppressed but if you see them, it’s a sure sign. Paused or deactivated accounts won’t send notifications and won’t send reminders that you still have an account. If a dating app is sending notifications, that app is still live.

They don’t let you use their phone

Our phones are an extension of our personal space but that doesn’t mean you don’t share with a significant other. Checking out new pics, showing each other Insta updates or funny memes, phone sharing like this is common and if you partner stops doing it they may have something to hide.

They don’t talk about messages or emails

If a previously open partner stops showing or telling you about messages or emails, something may be up. It might not be of course but any changes in behavior usually have a cause. If a partner used to freely tell you what a message said or who it was from or share emails or at least not hide them and then begins hiding them, there will be a reason for that.

They are seen on a dating app

Most of us will have friends who still use Zoosk, Tinder, Bumble or one of the other dating apps. If they live in your area, they may come across your partner’s profile on one of these apps. If they know you well enough they will likely tell you. That’s enough evidence for anyone if you see first hand that your partner is on a dating app.

Make sure that profile is still active before taking action though. Many dating apps will leave inactive profiles live to boost their numbers so try to interact with them using your friend’s profile before doing anything drastic.

Your partner is on a dating app, what now?

If you have incontrovertible evidence that your partner is active on a dating app, what do you do about it? Much depends on your relationship status and how much they mean to you. If you have both declared exclusivity or are way beyond being exclusive then it is definitely time for action. Exactly what action depends on you.

A conversation is definitely in order. Present your evidence and see what they say. There should be no real excuse but it has been known for fakers to take images off Facebook to create a fake profile. This could be one of those times.

If it wasn’t a scammer stealing Facebook photos, only you can decide what to do next. It certainly isn’t something a tech website wants to get in the middle of that’s for sure. Good luck with it whatever you do!