Can You Fake Notifications In Bumble?

‘Is it possible to fake notifications in Bumble? Can you make your profile look as though it has a lot more going on than it really has? My buddy has over 20 matches in Bumble and I don’t even have one. Can he fake them?’ This is a question we received in our inbox this week. It’s an intriguing question and one I thought I would tackle.


Internet dating and dating apps in particular are full of angst and anxiety. They were designed to make dating easier but all they have done is create a whole new set of problems. One of which I hope to address in this article. That of someone seeming to get way more dating action than you.

First, let us tackle the original question. Can you fake notifications in Bumble? The answer is no. There is no way I know of for a user to fake notifications or to game their app to make it look different. The app is controlled by a central server that sends data to the app for it to display. It’s a closed system and without access to that central server, you cannot fake notifications.

Get more matches on Bumble

If the Bumble app is showing over 20 matches, chances are the person in question has mastered the dating profile. If you want similar amounts of attention, that’s something you need to do too. Here are some simple steps you can take to raise your Bumble game.

Get verified

Bumble introduced account verification a little while ago and it seems to have gone down very well. A verified account won’t guarantee you more matches but it removes a barrier preventing someone from matching with you. Catfishing is a serious business and anything you can do to prove you’re not one of them will help you get matches.

Create your profile pics

Bumble lets you upload six profile images so make sure you use all of them. Make your main image, a head shot with you alone, smiling and looking your best. Make sure you’re relaxed and look approachable. While selfies are okay, having someone else take pics of you come out much better.

Use the other five image opportunities to add personality. Paint a picture of you with them. Include ones of you at work, playing sports, holding a puppy, visiting cultural centers or something cool. Don’t include shots of your junk or anything likely to put someone off.

Write a punchy bio

Bumble is different to Tinder. On Tinder, it’s all about the pic and your bio doesn’t mean much at all. On Bumble, your pic is still the main event but most users will also ready your bio to get a fuller picture of you as a person. Use that to your advantage by using every one of your 300 characters to create something that will intrigue.

The Bumble bio is short by necessity so you have to say a lot with few words. Keep it succinct and be prepared to leave it a couple days while you edit and refine it. Use humor, use an emoji or three if appropriate and look online for advice on how to portray yourself in a positive way on dating apps.

Get a second opinion

I think getting a second opinion is the most important part of this entire process. Not everyone can view themselves from the outside or put themselves in the position of their audience. That’s a key still that most people lack. Using someone you trust and of the gender you’re trying to attract is the next best thing.

Let them see your pics and your bio and get their feedback. Make sure they know they can be brutally honest in that feedback. It might hurt a little at first but as long as that feedback is constructive it will help.

Think before you respond

Once your Bumble profile has been polished and published, you now need to consider how you respond when you begin receiving matches. The most important thing to do is to stop and pause before hitting Send. Think about what they said. Think about how your reply might look or sound and only send if you’re confident you got it right.

Bumble is much more about quality than quantity and for that, every dater needs to raise their game. Polishing your profile, getting that second opinion and remembering your audience will all help in that. Good luck with it!