Can You Check If Someone Left Your Discord Server?

One of the challenges of running a busy Discord server is managing the population. It’s either too many people doing too many crazy things or deathly quiet with just your music bot playing something in the background. You can see an announcement when someone joins chat but can you check if someone left your Discord server? Can you break through the Invisible status to see who is online at any given time?


Depending on how the server is set up, you may see an announcement that says something like ‘Username has just joined the server’. Not all servers have that as it can be a pain on busier ones but some newer or smaller servers do. There are bots that can announce this but very few people use them. You don’t usually see a ‘Username has just left the server’ message though.

The whole announcement thing is a contentious issue and one that is hotly debated across Discord.

Checking if someone left the Discord server

So is there a way to check if someone left your Discord server? No there isn’t. Not even if you’re a server owner or admin. This can create challenges if you’re trying to manage users or suspect you have lots of lurkers or inactive users. Pruning is a key tool of an admin and the feature is hamstrung by not being able to accurately track who is on your server and who is not.

You can see the majority of a channel’s occupants in the right pane of Discord. You can count them and manage them effectively from there. However, if some users have set themselves to Invisible, they won’t appear in the user list.

Discord has tried to strike the balance between giving admins the tools to effectively manage servers and giving users the freedom to come and go as they please. As difficult as it can make my job as an admin, I prefer it this way as that freedom is one of the things that makes Discord so great to use.

Discord also works slightly differently to other chat apps like TeamSpeak. In TS, you join a server and then log off. This can be tracked using auditing and this can be shown to server owners. Discord works differently. You log into the app and not the server. Joining a server creates a dynamic link to that server which is not tracked in audit logs.

Discord will track users who join the server for the first time and who leave the server permanently. The regular joining server chat and leaving server chat is not logged. Neither bots nor server owners can track something that isn’t logged which is why you cannot check if someone left your Discord server.

Identifying invisible users in Discord

There is no way to identify invisible users on Discord. The only way you can do it is to shout out to everyone and ask any users set to invisible to DM you or say hi in chat. There are no bots that can identify invisible users either.

Invisible is one of the four status users can set themselves when using Discord. You have Online, Idle, Do Not Disturb and Invisible. The first three still show you as online and you will appear in the user list on the right of the Discord window. Invisible removes you from the user list and you become invisible to everyone, even admins.

I do not agree with the use of Invisible status but server owners cannot block its use so we have to live with it.

Server announcements in Discord

Nobody seems to mind the ‘Username has just joined the server’ announcements too much. Having one as users leave is not so welcome. As I said earlier, it is a hotly debated topic online and something that still elicits discussion today. Lots of users prefer to just join, chat and be about their day without announcements every five minutes about someone joining.

Announcements of someone leaving the server are even less welcome. First, nobody really cares if someone leaves. Once they are gone, they are gone and unless it was a ragequit, chat continues regardless. Second, nobody really likes the idea of their every action being tracked and announced by a bot. Even a friendly bot.

Personally, even though not tracking invisible status or leavers makes my job as an admin more difficult, I prefer it this way. We are tracked enough online so it’s nice to not have our every move logged.

What do you think?