Can You Change Your Twitch Username Without Waiting?

Twitch seemed to take forever to implement name changes. Something any gamer would have included in an app they designed would have been there from the very beginning. Even now it’s here it isn’t perfect but it does get the job done. One common question we hear around this subject is about the name waiting period. Can you change your Twitch username without waiting?


No. There is no publicized way of changing Twitch username without waiting. The time delay is controlled behind the scenes at Twitch and I know of now way around it except set up a new account. For a user, that’s fine but for streamers that isn’t such an easy option.

When Twitch introduced the ability to change your username, it also introduced an arbitrary 60 day wait between changes. This makes kind of sense, to prevent users changing their name every five minutes and overloading the database, but a two month wait?

Having a mandatory delay between name changes does make sense. With millions of users, even having some of them change their name regularly would put extra strain on databases. Not only do those databases have to change the username but they also have to modify any relational links to that user name within the Twitch infrastructure. A single change could require several database changes behind the scenes. No company would want to give users carte blanche to run their databases into the ground or risk data corruption.

Change your Twitch username

When you do come to change your Twitch username, the process is very straightforward. You will need to consider a name change very carefully as you will be stuck with it for at least 60 days so don’t rush into anything!

  1. Log into Twitch with your current details.
  2. Select Settings and Profile.
  3. Select Edit by your current username.
  4. Change your username in the box and hope for the green check mark.
  5. Select Update to save and verify by entering your Twitch password.

Once verified, your username and your channel URL will change immediately. If you stream, your followers and subscribers will remain. You won’t lose revenue, you won’t lose fame or your fortune.

What’s in a username?

Even if you’re not a pro gamer or streamer, having a cool username is all part of being online. Some of us put a lot of thought into choosing our usernames while others have favorites they use in every game. Whatever side of the fence you’re on, a username tells someone a lot about you so it requires some thought before hitting Update to change it in Twitch.

If you’re one of that latter group, there is a good reason to change that habit. Having the same name across games and social networks means you are very easy to trace and follow online. It’s a matter of minutes for a troll or savvy cyber criminal to check Facebook or Twitter for the same name, find your friends, your home city, perhaps address. Marketers use this kind of behavioural targeting so we know it works.

Choosing a good username

You may have some good ideas already about how to choose a username and that’s great. If you don’t, here are five top tips for coming up with a good one.

  1. Think about what the name says about you and what people who don’t know you will think when they see it. Does it create the right impression?
  2. Consider whether you will still like the name in five years time. While you can change your username on Twitch and other platforms, some names date much faster than others.
  3. Avoid juvenile, swearwords, anything sexual and anything that makes you sound pre-pubescent. If you want to be known as that guy, go ahead. Everyone else should avoid these words like the plague.
  4. Never use a username that can lead back to your real identity. Avoid anything to do with your real name, address, town, city or job if it could be used to trace you.
  5. Don’t rush in. Take some time and think about your username before jumping in. Keep a notepad by your computer or keep a phone list of cool names you come across in daily life. Having them on hand could generate a seriously cool username with very little effort.

You cannot change your Twitch username without waiting and that’s okay as long as you know. It stops people changing names quickly after a ban and stops people being toxic and then quickly changing username so they cannot be traced. Sixty days is an eternity online though so whatever username you choose, make sure you’re happy with it!