Can You Change The Discord Ringtone?

Can you change the Discord ringtone? Can you make yourself heard over the chatter on a busy server? Is there an easy way to control Discord notifications? These are some of the common Discord questions we hear at SwipeTips and I’m going to answer a bunch of them today.


Discord is an awesome application. Not just for gamers but for anyone who likes to chat, spend time with others online, learn new things and listen to trash talk. It’s a mostly positive space that anyone can join and contribute to.

Can you change the Discord ringtone?

The Discord ringtone reminds me of early Nokia ringtones that are often used in modern commercials for comedic effect. It is neither offensive or inoffensive but everyone seems to want to change it. Unfortunately, you can’t. It is one of the most popular requests on the discord forums but at the moment, there are no plans to introduce the ability to change it.

Can you make yourself heard over the chatter on a busy Discord server?

Yes you can! You can use the Priority Speaker setting to make yourself heard as long as you’re the server owner. This is a recent feature introduction that allows you to reduce the volume of chat for everyone on your server so you can be heard. You can obviously only do this on a voice server but it is a neat trick.

  1. Select the gear icon by your voice server.
  2. Select Permissions on the left and scroll to Priority Speaker.
  3. Enable the setting and check the Push to Talk keybind using the text link.
  4. Use the shortcut key in chat to mute the server.

While a powerful way to communicate, I would suggest using it sparingly otherwise you might annoy your server.

Is there an easy way to control Discord notifications?

If you’re a member of lots of lively servers, controlling the huge number of notifications they all generate is a particular challenge. You have a couple of options here. You can control what notifications you see across Discord using User Settings or mute an individual channel.

Control notifications across Discord:

  1. Select the gear icon by your Discord username to access settings.
  2. Select Notifications from the left menu.
  3. Toggle the various settings on or off depending on your needs.

You can also mute a channel in Discord. This suppresses notifications just from a single channel and can be toggled on or off at will. It’s useful if you’re a member of a great channel but don’t want dozens of notifications every time you log in.

Right click the channel in question and select ‘Mute #CHANNELNAME’. Repeat this and unmute to allow notifications again. Obviously change where you see CHANNELNAME to whatever your channel is called…

Integrating apps into Discord

App integration is a key feature of Discord and is how many power users can stream on Twitch while using Discord for chat or play Spotify music while streaming or on a voice channel.

  1. Select the gear icon by your Discord username.
  2. Select Connections from the left menu.
  3. Select an icon from the center to add an app.
  4. Authorize that app in the popup box that appears.

Depending on the app you choose, you may have to log into that app in the popup window. You will always need to authorize the app within Discord for the two to play nicely together.

What are some useful keyboard shortcuts in Discord?

I tend to use the desktop app and mouse and keyboard but there are times when Alt tabbing and using a keyboard shortcut is just faster and more convenient. Memorizing some of the more useful keyboard shortcuts saves time and effort if you spend a long time in Discord.

Here are some of the more common keybinds:

  • Ctrl + Alt + Up/Down – Switch servers
  • Alt + Up/Down – Switch channels
  • Alt + Shift + Up/Down – Read unread messages
  • Escape – Mark channel as read
  • Shift + Escape – Mark server as read
  • Ctrl + E – Toggle the emoji window

This page over at Discord has a list of popular keybinds.

What are the most useful text commands in Discord?

As well as keybinds, you can also use markdown to make chat faster. They are a set of text commands that utilize different chat features such as add a GIF, DM a user, switch servers and so on. Rather than just repeat lists someone else has created, I’ll link to a couple of great text command lists here. This page on the Discord website has an excellent list of commands. This page also has a list of very useful markdowns you can use to streamline your Discord life.

It’s a shame you cannot change the Discord ringtone but you can do so much else with the platform that it should be of little consequence. Have any other Discord tips you would like to share? Tell us about them below if you do!