Can The Firestick Be Used On A Laptop?

When it comes to technological innovation, firestick is an extremely helpful device of streaming technology. The firestick makes it highly portable to binge-watch your favorite show without moving from your couch. With the small portable device, you can catch your shows and movies on TV at any time. Firestick is one of the most popular innovations of streaming technology when it comes to cutting the cord. You can keep on entertaining yourself on any TV screen with HDMI port through the portable device.


Generally, people carry their laptop wherever they travel, but taking firestick to enjoy your favorite movies is of no use as you can’t use it with the laptop. Though there are issues in using firestick with your laptop, it is not impossible. You can enjoy your shows on your laptop with an internet connection through firestick. With several possible hacks, you can use your firestick with your laptop and can keep yourself entertained while traveling. The process of connecting the laptop with the firestick is complex because of the HDMI connector. Though the laptop has the HDMI port, it is an HDMI output connector which is identical to the firestick. both the devices are capable of sending the signal out but do not accept the signals.

Well, the complex process of connecting the laptop with the firestick can be possible through Elgato HD60 S device and ViewHD HDMI splitter device. The devices are used to establish a smooth connection between your firestick and the laptop. Additionally, your laptop should have a USB 3.0 port for the connection.


The method is ideal for the individuals who have windows PC running on windows 10 and people with MacBook with operating system version Sierra. Also, your system should have a USB 3.0 port in it for connecting with the firestick. Elgato HD60 S device is used for taking HDMI output from a game console or other devices and stream that on laptop through USB-C. Though the device is good for streaming, it can’t be functional with the HDCP of the firestick. HDCP is the encryption ‘protocol that is incorporated to protect the digital content from illegal use.


However, to remove the encryption, ViewHD HDMI splitter is used to complete the entire set-up. In this process, the firestick sends its signal to the ViewHD HDMI splitter; it removes the HDCP encryption from the process, then Elgato HD60 S device accepts the signal to send it to the laptop through USB 3.0 and then you can watch it on Elgato software.


With a laptop which has HDMI input and output port in it, you do not need any extra hardware device to connect to the firestick. Alienware m17xR4 has the dual-direction port in it to carry out all the functions required for streaming your favorite shows on the laptop. With this model of laptop, you can easily use the firestick and enjoy while moving. Though the laptops are a bit pricey, the features associated with it eliminate the use of other hardware devices to connect the firestick with the system.