Can Google Home Speak Chinese?

Since the Google Home device was first released, it quickly became a sensation. Millions of people all over the U.S. started using it. It became a part of their daily life. One of the top-selling points of this product was the ability to understand everything the users were saying.


This means the Google Home could easily answer some of the most mundane questions. But, soon, people began using it for other more complicated tasks. At first, the goal was to ask Google about the time or weather. But, now this device can do much more than that. 

It can play your favorite music, control the lights and devices in your room. It can even transform all those simple routines into more interesting events. And all of that is possible with this technology. You can ask it to tell you the answers to more complicated questions about the universe for example. You can use it to connect to your calendars and more. 

What Languages Can Google Home Support?

The Google Home device has become so popular that people in bilingual households started using it. As a result, new updates were necessary. With the latest updates, the Google Home device could now support four more languages. Aside from English, Google Home can support:

  • Japanese
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italian

 The Google Home device could easily be incorporated in bilingual households. Children can speak to it, and the device can easily understand them. 

What About the Chinese Language?

With the latest updates, the Google Home device can understand many different languages. But, it doesn’t mean it can understand all of them. In the U.S., English and Spanish are one of the most popular languages used in many families. With more than 270 million people using Spanish, it is a much-spoken language. 

However, there is also another language that is also among the most spoken ones in the U.S. And that is Chinese. Both Cantonese and Mandarin are widely used in the U.S. There are millions of people who speak Chinese. 

Unfortunately, the Google Home device doesn’t support Chinese yet. This is probably a huge oversight for the manufacturers. The only thing we can do about it is to wait. Maybe in future updates, the Google Home will support Chinese. It is possible and doable. 

With such an advanced technology that we currently have, it is more than possible. But, we have to wait and see if the Google Home will ever get an update such as this one. 


While the Google Home supports a lot of different languages, it doesn’t support Chinese. Therefore, if you issue a command in Chinese, the Google Home will not understand you. With the currently available tech, this is possible. 

The Google Home could be updated to support Chinese. However, all we can do now is wait. Hopefully, they will implement this kind of change in future updates. Right now, this is not possible. Since Google Home can support other languages, you can try saying commands in those languages.