Can Gmail Be Encrypted

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word encryption is hackers. But, that is not the case. There is more to encryption than it meets the eye. In fact, it is part of our everyday life. Especially for those who run a business. 


Encryption is probably the most misunderstood part when it comes to emails. But, it is incredibly relevant and important. For anyone who uses Gmail for work or personal stuff, it is important to know how safe is the service you use.

Is your information secure? Is the service protecting you in any way? Can you add additional privacy by encrypting emails? Here, we will answer all of these questions for you. Let’s delve deeper into the world of encryption in Gmail. 

Gmail Encryption

Google uses a typical method of encryption to protect the messages on your Gmail account. To do it, they rely on Transport Layer Security also known as TLS. The email you receive or send is protected. The encryption makes sure of it. So, yes, emails in Gmail are encrypted. That’s why Gmail messages can’t be intercepted that easily.

 Of course, Gmail has its limits. It is a convenient way to send emails. The messages will be protected. But, these messages are only protected if the recipient supports the exact same TLS. To do that, they need to use a provider that supports it. Of course, most of the email providers support it, but those who don’t, make the email more exposed. 

Can You Encrypt Emails in Gmail?

There are many users who prefer to send encrypted emails. Businessmen, in particular, want their emails to be encrypted. To make this feature available, Google has GSuite for businesses that has plenty of different features. 

One such feature is S/MIME. This is a method that protects the email while it’s being delivered. The encryption relies on specific keys to make sure the message is protected. Once they arrive where they are supposed to, readers can decrypt them. 

To encrypt emails on Gmail, you have to enable S/MIME on the GSuite account. 

What About Serious Encryption?

If you want more powerful encryption than TLS or S/MIME, you will need to rely on third-party software to make that possible. Now, they are available for encrypting your emails. Most importantly, they provide additional security. 

Apps such as these are Virtru and FlowCrypt. If you are looking to send confidential material to someone else, it is best that you rely on additional apps or extensions. They will make sure that sensitive data is protected. This is the ideal way to secure that data. 


As you can see, emails on Gmail can be encrypted. While the site has its own encrypted algorithm, you can still get additional security from third-party programs. This way all the sensitive emails you want to send will be limited to only the receivers and the senders. These apps can take encryption one step further. That’s it! Now you know everything about Gmail encryptions.