Can Discord Admins See Your Ip Address?

There are plenty of different social platforms where people can communicate. These platforms offer plenty of different features. They are ideal for texting, voice chatting, sending images, videos, etc. They are the best place for people to communicate. Such platforms are Discord, Skype, and many others. 

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When you want to talk about the IP Address, the first thing you should do is understand it. The IP or Internal Protocol Address is a number that every computer connected to a computer network has. It has two roles. One is for identifying or hosting network interface and the second is for locating addresses. 

Can Admins See my IP Address?

Social platforms like Skype are IM platforms. These are peer-to-peer platforms. In other words, when you call a certain user, your connection will go directly to their PC. That means that Skype’s servers have no connection with your call. Not a necessary connection. 

While Discord, an IM platform similar to Skype, is not, in fact, a peer-to-peer platform.  When you do anything on Discord, call someone, or send them a text, the moment you connect to that message, Discord servers will receive it. After they receive the connection, the message or the call will be relayed to the person intended to receive it. 

For IM platforms such as Discord, it is impossible to find someone’s IP address just because they called someone, texted them, or sent them a picture. To answer the question if admins can see your IP address, we will delve into this problem a bit deeper. 

Discord admins have plenty of privileges. They own the server you are in and also have other stuff they can do. However, these people are not employed by Discord. So, to answer your question is no! Discord server admins can’t see your IP address. The only ones who can are the people who work at Discord. 

However, they will never share that information with anyone. Your IP address is safe in their hands. 

Who Else Can See My IP Address?

There is something else we should mention as well. This is an important thing when it comes to people knowing your IP address. You see, if you receive a link from someone on your Discord chat, as an external site, they will see your IP address. 

Let’s say, you have a friend that sent you a google link. The moment you press that link and go to the Google website, Google will have access to your IP address. This is not Discord’s fault. The moment you leave Discord to visit an external site, people can see your IP address. 


If you are thinking about admins getting access to your IP address, there is nothing to worry about. They will not obtain your IP address no matter how hard they try. The only people on Discord who can obtain that IP is Discord themselves. Your IP is safe with them. They will not make that information public. It will remain within Discord. But, if you press on an external site, and you leave Discord, that site will have your IP address.