How To Bypass Region Blocks on Crunchyroll

If you love anime or even have a passing interest in it, you will know about Crunchyroll and will likely have visited the site at least a few times. It’s one of the best sources of good quality anime on the internet with hundreds, if not thousands of titles available for a price. That price is actually reasonable which is a definite bonus. However, some of the content is region locked and that isn’t so reasonable. This tutorial will show you how to bypass region blocks on Crunchyroll.


I’m all for paying fairly for content. I think the content creators deserve recompense for their efforts and encouragement to keep doing it. I do not think publishers or big businesses have a right to decide who gets to see what kind of content. This is the 21st century. A global market where borders are for politicians and tax inspectors, not for real people. That’s why I am an advocate of VPNs.

Region locking

Crunchyroll, like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and other streaming services are often hamstrung by antiquated rules from rights holders. The intent of these rules is to enable rights holders to charge more to access content in different regions, making them and not the content creators more money.

Rights holders will only allow streaming services access to their titles if they agree to limit the regions in which those titles can be accessed. Some rights holders will also insist that those streaming services actively block attempts to bypass region blocks.

That’s why you see this in Crunchyroll’s terms of service:

[You are not allowed to] ‘Forge any TCP/IP packet header or any part of the header information or alter source-identifying information when using the Site or Services or in any way use the Site or Services to send altered, deceptive or false source-identifying information, and we reserve the right to block IP addresses or networks deemed to abuse access to the Site or Services.’

This clumsy term means no VPNs.

Bypass region blocks on Crunchyroll

There is always a way to get what you want. First to clarify. It may be against Crunchyroll’s terms of service to use a VPN to access streams but it is not illegal. Not in most western countries anyway. Virtual Private Networks are legitimate web services designed to provide secure connections to websites, cloud services or other computers. They are not against the law.

Even using a VPN to access region-locked content is not against the law. It is merely against Crunchyroll’s terms of service. They can ban your account if discovered but nothing else can happen.

The other thing to remember is that it is often not the service itself that wants to region lock content. It is the rights holders. This is definitely true for the likes of Netflix as they have said so. It isn’t unreasonable to assume that Crunchyroll is the same.

To bypass these region locks on Crunchyroll and most other streaming services, you need to use a VPN. As VPNs also help protect your privacy and stop ISPs spying on your online activities, they make perfect sense. You do have to choose your VPN carefully though.

There are a few high quality VPN services that work to avoid being identified as VPNs and should help you avoid being banned by Crunchyroll.


With over 5,200 servers in 60 countries, it doesn’t matter where you travel, you’ll always be able to connect with NordVPN. The service has a cool double-hop technology that doubles down on anonymity for those who really need to stay secret. It isn’t the cheapest option but it is one of the best and it works to avoid being identified as a VPN too.


ExpressVPN is one of the faster VPNs with over 3,000 VPN servers in 160 locations in 94 countries. It also works to avoid detection and is plenty fast enough for streaming anime pretty much anywhere in the world. It doesn’t have those extra features of NordVPN but is still a very good service.


IPVanish has over 1,300 servers in over 75 locations across the world and works to remain invisible to streaming services. It is fast, reliable and works on most devices. Like these other two VPNs, it provides robust security while also allowing you to appear anywhere in the world, ideal for streaming content.

As well as circumventing region blocks on Crunchyroll, these VPN services encrypt all your internet traffic with 256-bit encryption, stop you being tracked online, stop ISPs harvesting your browsing data and keep you secure when using public WiFi. Even if you’re not an anime fan, you should use a VPN for all your internet access.