How To Block Twitch from a Router

Twitch is a live stream video platform which has gained high popularity among gamers from all around the globe. The online video place is used for watching as well as broadcasting video games. It can be an awesome place to discover gaming personalities and new titles, but at the same time, it can adversely impact the safety of gamers. So parents intend to block twitch on the router so that the safety of their kids will not be compromised because of their gaming passion.

Blocking Process

A number of user interfaces can be used for blocking internet websites and services such as Twitch. For instance, if you have a NETGEAR router, you can block the intended sites by using the router web interface. You have the option to use keywords to block Twitch from your network. You also have the option to set blocking to always or you can even it base it on a specific schedule.

Step 1 – Launching an internet browser

For blocking the Twitch site, first, you need to launch an internet browser from your computer system or a wireless device that is connected to the network.


You need to visit the link In case it does not work, you can also try

Step 2 – Enter username and password

Once you have entered the website, you will be prompted to enter your username and password. Keep in mind that these details are case sensitive. You have to enter the following default login credentials

Username – admin

Password – password

In case the default login credentials fail to work, then there is a possibility that you might have altered the admin password. In case you are not able to remember the new password, you will have to perform a factory reset so that the router can be restored to the factory default settings.

Step 3 – Blocking of sites

After the NETGEAR router has been reset to the factory settings, click on Advanced > Security > Block Sites.



Then you will have to select one of the keyword blocking options:

Per Schedule – As per the Schedule settings, you will have to turn on the keyword blocking. For instance, you can specify when exactly you want to block the Twitch site such as every day, Sunday, Monday, etc. Similarly, you can select a start and end time, which is provided in the 24-hour format. Then you can apply these changes.

Always – You have the option to turn on keyword blocking all the time, and it will be independent of the schedule.

In the Keyword field, you will have to enter the internet site, i.e. ‘Twitch’ as you intend to block it from the router. After filling the name in the provided field, click on the ‘Add Keyword’ option. Once this is done, click on ‘Apply’ and the keyword blocking will be effective instantly.

Using the block service features

This particular router feature can be used by you for preventing the access to specific websites based on the communication protocol such as FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, etc. that the website communicates on. This blocking can be applied to all the users or to specific users. This is based on the IP addresses of their personal computers. It is necessary to keep in mind that the websites using the particular protocol will be blocked on the router.

Under the ‘Content Filtering’ option, click on ‘Block Services.’ Under Services blocking, you will have to select one of the three options as it will determine when the blocking will apply. Never – This option will disable the blocking of Twitch.

Per Schedule – The blocking of Twitch will be activated in specific days or at specific times.

Always – This option will activate the blocking of Twitch.

You will have to specify the Service Type that you intend to block on the router such as FTP or RDP. In case, it has not been defined in the drop-down list; you will have to select ‘User Defined’ and identify “TCP/UDP” as well as the port numbers which intend to be blocked. By default, all the users will be blocked from using the blocked Twitch site.


Twitch is a popular gaming platform which has to be used carefully; otherwise, it can jeopardize their very safety. So it is necessary to block such sites if users do not use it within the specified limits. A simple process and change in router settings are necessary so that Twitch can be blocked on the router.