How To Block Twitch Ads On Your PC Or Laptop

Twitch introduced advertising a while ago and while it is nowhere near as intrusive as those YouTube ads once were, they are still annoying. While Twitch has to make a buck somewhere, it should not be at the expense of viewers. That’s why we are going to cover how to block Twitch ads on a PC or laptop.


Twitch ads will often play at the beginning of a stream. You select your favorite channel and begin playing and will often see an ad for a game or other game-related product before the stream itself plays. Even if you use an ad blocker, these ads will sometimes still get through. Plus, even Twitch Prime now includes ads after the company removed the ad-free benefit last year. So even though ads aren’t as intrusive as elsewhere, there is no escaping them.

In response to the removal of the ad-free experience with Prime, many Twitch streamers removed ads from their streams. Instead, they encouraged users to subscribe to their channel. That way, the streamer themselves get the benefit rather than partners. As ads only benefit Twitch Partners, smaller streamers get no ad revenue so this made sense.

If you’re fed up with seeing the same ad every time you start a stream or refresh your browser, try one of these.

How to block Twitch ads

Even though ads are not popular on Twitch, they are relatively straightforward to block. You can use the same methods you use to block standard web ads to avoid the worst of Twitch ads. These ad blockers may not get them all but they will reduce the annoyance!

I’ll outline a couple of browser extensions that will reduce ads on Twitch and then I’ll show you a way to avoid all ads online without using any extension at all.

UBlock Origin

UBlock Origin is one of the most effective ad blockers out there. Available for Firefox and Chrome, it sits quietly in your browser and will invisibly block the vast majority of ads on most websites. It will also block the majority of Twitch ads too. Install it, set it to automatically run and your entire online experience should change for the better.

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is another very effective ad blocker that is free and works on desktop, laptop and mobile. It even has it’s own ad-blocking browser. It works in the same way UBlock does, installing as a browser extension to block ads. It is light, uses few resources and catches the vast majority of ads online.

Brave Browser

Brave Browser is a Chromium-based browser with ad blocking built in. Ad blocking works in the same way as for UBlock or Adblock Plus in that the browser will invisibly block as many as possible while keeping the web experience as clean as possible for the user. You can whitelist and even subscribe to a unique scheme where you can reward content creators instead of giving them ad revenue.

I have used Brave for over a year and love it!

Block ads without a browser extension

There is a much more effective way to block ads on the internet without using browser extensions. It is called hosts file blocking and will only work on Windows computers. It’s a modified hosts file that includes most of the ad servers active at that time.

Instead of blocking them, the modified hosts file sends each request to your computer’s unrouteable meta-address. This causes the ad request to be dropped by Windows so it never reaches your browser. Your internet browsing experience will be faster, cleaner and much more secure using this method.

There are several advantages in hosts file blocking. Your browser doesn’t get bogged down with another extension or with processing the ad block. It doesn’t matter what browser you use, ads will be blocked. Ad servers don’t always recognize they are being blocked so any ad block messages they would otherwise show don’t appear.

There are two downsides though. Sponsored results or ad results in search engines are also blocked and you cannot whitelist sites you want to support.

Here’s how to block all ads online:

  1. Visit this website and download the file on the main page.
  2. Decompress the file on your computer and then open it.
  3. Right click the MVPS file and select Open As Administrator.
  4. Press any key when you see the blue admin window to install the new hosts file.
  5. Reboot your PC or laptop.

Load any browser and any website that you know serves ads. You should see no ads, no emotional blackmail messages about ad revenue or other nonsense. Websites should load faster, the pages are much cleaner and even popups should never appear. Load Twitch and you should now not see any ads at all!