Some of the Best TikTok Username Ideas

In January 2019, a total of 6.4 million new accounts were created on the Tik Tok platform in just one month. By July 2019, this app was installed more than 500 million times on Google Play Store online – this only accounts for one mobile app store. Millions of people are using this app. While some people are simply signing up on this platform to watch videos, other users want to post videos and possibly even rise to Tik Tok fame. 

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The very first thing that someone sees when they land on your profile is, of course, your username. This puts a lot of pressure on you if you do intend to post videos and build a popular profile on the platform, as you need to take a moment and carefully choose the right username. Then there is the chance that the username you come up with might already be taken. 

What To Consider When Choosing A Username 

When you are about to sign up for a Tik Tok account, take a moment first carefully to consider the username that you will be choosing. One popular option is to use your name and create a username from that simply. This would definitely help people recognize you for you when you do hit fame on the platform. For many, however, their name might already be taken, or this might not be the most ideal option.

A great way to come up with the perfect username is to take a few days and keep a “scratchpad” with you. Anytime you hear something that catches your attention – it could be a sound, a name, or just a random word – write it down. By the end of the day, you will have a lot of terms to play with in order to generate a good username for your Tik Tok profile. 

Many people also tend to turn to a foreign language when they choose a username. Think of a word that would describe your channel best – perhaps something related to your niche. Then look up translations for that word in languages such as French and Spanish. This could help you come up with a good username. 

You could, of course, use your niche, hobbies, and even the interests you have – write down a few of these terms and then see if you can come up with something. 

Another option is to turn to an online username generator. There are a few of these tools online, and they are usually free to use. You can use a random username generator or rather opt for one that can produce a more specific username, based on terms or certain themes. 

If you are going for something that might later become a brand, make sure it is in no way offensive. The more related the name to your niche, the better as well. 

For example, you might choose something like “@doyoutravel” if you will be posting content related to travel. If you are planning to do some magic tricks on camera, then why not consider a username like “@magicworld.” These are, of course, only a few ideas – you need to come up with something unique and make sure the username is still available before you can proceed with the registration. 


When someone lands on your Tik Tok profile, your username is one thing that makes the first impression. This means if you are planning to aim for a famous account on the platform, the username you end up choosing might eventually become your brand – how the world knows you on Tik Tok. Consider the facts we shared here and take the ideas we offered to help you choose the best username for your Tik Tok account.