Best Tik Tok Accounts To Follow

The TikTok app has officially passed a 500 million count on its monthly active users, making this a platform that you definitely want to take notice of. The app was also the most downloaded on the Apple App Store within the first half of the year 2018. While many people join up with the hopes to reach the ranks of fame on the platform, there are a number of accounts which are created for the purpose of viewing content posted by other users. 


If you are joining the platform for entertainment purposes, then you definitely want to follow some accounts to ensure the content served to you can be customized according to what you prefer and enjoy most. We look at the best TikTok accounts you should follow below. 

Loren Gray (@lorengray)

Loren Gray is a 16-year-old who has made quite a wave – not only on TikTok but also on the YouTube platform. On TikTok, Loren’s profile recently surpassed 33 million followers. If you are looking for quality content that mixes different topics, then this is an account that you definitely want to follow. Loren is a musician and singer, and you can hear her vocals on many of the videos she posts on TikTok. When she is not posting a video showing off her skills as a musician, Loren is posting videos that give you an insight into her passion for acting. 

Jacob Sartorius (@jacobsartorius)

If you are looking for a channel that is truly inspiring, then do not miss out on Jacob Sartorius. This is another 16-year-old who has captivated the world with the performances he is posting on the TikTok platform. Jacob initially started to create music as a means of helping him escape bullying, but today, he has reached the Hot 100 chart with a single he recently released, Sweatshirt. Jacob currently has over 20 million followers on his TikTok profile. 

Cameron Dallas (@camerondallas)

You might know Cameron Dallas from YouTube, where he quickly became a popular channel. Cameron is considered an influencer today and holds multiple skills, which makes him such a joy to watch. Cameron started his involvement in the short video industry on the Vine app, but he quickly came over to TikTok and has already built up an account that now boasts with over 17,7 million followers. 

Flighthouse (@flighthouse)

If you are looking for a channel that you can go to for videos, music, and some trending remixes, then Flighthouse is another account you definitely want to follow. Flighthouse was originally an account started by Jacob Pace, a 19-year-old. As it became a hit on the TikTok platform, the account was bought over by the Creative Music Group. The idea behind the channel now is to really turn into the MTV of the TikTok platform.

Kristen Hancher (@kristenhancher)

Those who are into the world of fashion will surely find Kristen Hancher’s account on TikTok worth following. Kristen has become a fashion influencer and has already established herself on other platforms as well, including Instagram. This fashion influencer has more than 23 million followers on her Tik Tok profile. You can find a range of makeup, beauty, and fashion tips by choosing to follow her account. 


While there are many creators on Tik Tok, not all of them are truly worth following. If you want to ensure your customized feed gives you the best content that is relevant to your interests, be sure to take a closer look at what the creators are offering you. We shared some of the best accounts to follow right now to help you get started.