The Best Online TikTok To MP3 Converters – August 2019

With TikTok quickly becoming one of the most popular social apps to hit the mobile app stores, millions are subscribing to this platform. Content published on the platform consists of a short video, as well as a song that plays in the background, thanks to the merging of TikTok and the platform. While browsing through the many entertaining videos that are posted by people on this app, you might come across one that has a song you would love to have on your device, whether that is your computer or a smartphone.

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The good news is, many online converters have been developed that can help you download the song that plays in the background of any video that you see posted on TikTok. If you have found one of these videos where the song is something you desire to have, then simply follow the instructions we share in this post to download it as an MP3 file. 

Step 1: Find A Video And Grab Its Link

The first step to using an online tool that allows you to convert a TikTok video into an MP3 file by grabbing the music played in the background is actually to find a particular video. You should take a moment to browse through your customized feed once you have opened up the TikTok app. Take a look at a few videos until you find one with a song that you really like. 

With the video open on the app, click on the “Share” button – this button is located on the same screen where you can hear the video or add a comment. Once you click on the “Share” button, a popup appears. You can choose how you want to share it – look for a column with the label “Share to.” Click on this column and then click on the “Copy Link” button. 

Step 2: Choose An Online TikTok MP3 Converter

Once you have the link to the video, you need to open up a TikTok MP3 Converter. Most of these websites can be accessed from a mobile device or a computer. Below is a couple of the top options that we recommend:

  • YouTuFab
  • Ttdown
  • TikTok Videos Downloader

Step 3: Follow Instructions And Download The MP3

After opening up one of the best online TikTok MP3 converters, look for a box that allows you to enter a URL. Click on this box and paste the URL that you copied from the TikTok video in step one of the process. 

It should be noted that the specific instructions for each of these online apps may differ, but generally, the process is straightforward. Once you have pasted the link into the appropriate box, look for a button, which will usually have a “Download” label. After clicking on this button, you should be presented with a couple of options. 

Most of these platforms allow you to choose between downloading the video or rather the song. If you choose the video option, you will get an MP4 file or another video format that will provide you with the full video. If you click on the “Song” option – which is what we want here – the song that plays in the background of the video will be downloaded as an MP3 file.


Video content posted on the TikTok platform often feature great songs in the background, but you may not necessarily know where to access to audio files. By simply grabbing the link to the specific video and pasting it in an online TikTok MP3 converter, you are able to download the song directly onto any device that you own, including smartphones and computers.