The Best Google Home Compatible Speakers – September 2019

Google has recently joined the smart assistant bandwagon after Alexa with Google Assistant. The effectiveness of Google Assistant has been appreciated widely due to the facility of Google search as well as its conversational nature. It can help in setting alarms and read news briefings. Google Assistant also helps in telling about weather predictions, control other compatible smartphone devices, or play music. Google Home is the name that has been provided by Google to various Google Assistant-enabled speakers. However, there are many other alternatives to Google Home. The following discussion would guide you through some of the best Google home compatible smart speakers.

Smart Home

Sonos One

The first addition to this list is Sonos One. Sonos One may be the smallest speaker in the product portfolio of Sonos. However, you can avail Google Assistant support with this one for accomplishing almost anything that Google Home does. Along with an exceptional design, you can get the benefit of amazing sound quality. Also, Sonos One provides the facility of uninterrupted multi-room audio when used along with other Sonos speakers. Sonos One is a promising bet for any person looking for a high-quality smart speaker with Google Assistant support.

Sonos One

Polk Assist

Polk Assist comes from the house of American audio company, Polk Audio. It provides seamless support for Google Assistant. The design and build quality of this speaker is highly commendable. You can choose from black and white color options. With the Polk Assist speaker, you don’t have to worry about launching Google Assistant even in high noise environments.

The quick access buttons on this speaker can launch Google Assistant when the surrounding environment is too loud. Users can also avail all the features of Google Home speakers. However, you cannot find the benefit of 360-degree sound with the Polk Assist. On the other hand, you can find a 3.5-inch mid-woofer and 1-inch tweeter inside the speaker. Another downside to this amazing product is that it is slightly expensive than Google Home.

Harman Kardon Citation 100

Harman Kardon Citation 100 is another promising mention among best google home compatible smart speakers. It may look like an average smart speaker by its appearance. However, you should be prepared for a lot of bass output and playing the speaker at extremely high volumes without any strain. If you love hosting parties, then this might be the right choice for you!

The standard, minimalistic design is another positive factor in this unique product from Harman Kardon. You don’t have to worry too much about many connections. The Google Home app or Google Assistant helps in controlling the speaker, and it shows effective responses to commands. However, the speaker also has its downsides such as lack of aux as well as higher possibilities for Wi-Fi drop-outs.

Harman Kardon Citation 100

Sonos IKEA Symfonisk bookshelf speaker

Another Sonos product, the Sonos IKEA Symfonisk bookshelf speaker, comes with a unique twist. The price of this product is the foremost attraction alongside the seamless support for Google Assistant. This bookshelf speaker is the most low-priced Sonos multi-room component and can integrate completely into the Sonos network. The unconventional design of this speaker also calls for attention apart from the bold and focused presentation of the product. However, the downside of this product is noted in the sound quality. On the other hand, the interesting fact about the Symfonisk speaker is that it can be used as a floating bookshelf also.

LG ThinQ WK7

LG ThinQ WK7 is also a promising bet if you are looking for reliable Google Home compatible smart speakers. The cylindrical design supported with front-firing speakers lends a professional and formidable look to this product. The various touch controls on this smart speaker such as volume, play/pause, and function button for switching input modes make it attractive.

Also, you have LEDs on the front for showing that Google Assistant is listening. You can find Meridian Audio tuning in the WK7 speaker that also includes bass and vocal management. Furthermore, you can also find Hi-Res music support from LG in the WK7 as a prolific feature in a Google Home compatible smart speaker. Most important of all, the facility of upscaling and upsampling in this speaker is ideal for low-quality sources.

Sony LF-S50G

You should also note the Sony LF-S50G among other Google Home compatible smart speakers. The speaker is known for a robust and sophisticated build that can fit in any type of home décor. You can find three color options along with the facility of 360-degree sound. The most interesting feature of this smart speaker is the facility of gesture control. So, you can just wave over the top of the device for changing a track or adjusting the volume. Also, you can find a separate sub-woofer for low-end handling bass alongside a comprehensive speaker driver for high trebles and mid-range vocals.


On a final note, all of the above-mentioned smart speakers have their fair share of advantages and setbacks. However, you should look for the one that fits your needs and requirements. So, take a deeper look at the specifications and features of these smart speakers to find out the perfect one!