Best Google Home Routines

The Google Home was designed to make our lives a lot easier. It can turn the lights on and off, set an alarm in the morning, or even tell you a funny joke. You can use it for all kinds of stuff. But, what if you could set your Google Home to do repeated stuff whenever you like?


Thankfully, that is possible with the Google Home device. You can assign it to do tedious stuff that would otherwise waste you a lot of time. You can make all of this possible with the “Routines” feature. There are plenty of different commands you can assign to your Google Home at once. 

It is very easy to do. It’s a straightforward process that we will show you how to do. These are some of the coolest Routines you can set on your Google Home device. 

  1. Send a Message to Anyone

If you constantly have to remind the kids to wake up at 8 am in the morning or tell your partner to take out the garbage, you can set a Routine. The Routine feature will save your premade message. So, the next time you want to send it to someone, you can do it with Google Home. 

Instead of launching the messaging app and writing a message to save it in drafts, you can do that here. Just click on “Send a Text”. Type the message and pick a contact you want to send it to. 

  1. Shuffle Your Playlist for An Entire Hour

Start the day by waking up to your favorite songs every morning. There is nothing better than this. That’s why you should set the Google Home device to play your music tracks every day at a specific time. To do it just “add media” as a new Routine in the Google Assistant and type the name of the music track you want to play. You can play tracks from YouTube or Spotify. It’s up to you. 


  1. Open Maps and Play Music While on the Road

Instead of checking Google Maps manually and then opening your playlist, you can set Google Home to do that for you. With Google Home, you can enable this feature in seconds. To do it click on the first option from the menu. 

Set the commute to work or add an additional routine like the calendar, or your YouTube playlist. To add the YouTube Playlist check the Music option in the bottom menu. When you are done, click on the checkmark in the top right corner of the screen. 

 To listen to the track on loop, select “Repeats”. The Google Home will do all these tasks for you. This is a very convenient feature you can use while driving.


You can use the Google Home device to set a bunch of different Routines. These are just some of the most useful ones you probably didn’t know existed. You can also use it to turn the TV off or on and more. The Routines feature is a great way to save energy and time. 

You won’t have to bother with the boring everyday stuff. Instead, you can set your device to do them for you. Easy and efficient.