Best Gmail Apps For Iphone

The modern era may be referred to as the era of social media, but email still is the official way of communication.  It is considered as one of the safest and reliable modes of communicating as well. However, with the accumulation of mails from different sources, the inbox sometimes looks pretty loaded. Email apps have indeed helped in addressing the issues of such, making it look easier to handle the inbox. To be specific, the fan base of Gmail is still very much intact. It’s a misconception among many that being an iPhone user, they may miss some of the key Gmail features. Such perceptions should be rubbished. Given below are the Gmail apps for iPhone; those provide complete support and features for the users.



One can find all the key features of contemporary email through the app.  Be it about smooth archiving through swipes, putting unwanted stuff to trash, or snooze emails out of the mail box, the app ensures all the best features are there. The most distinguishing part about the app is said to be the ‘Focussed’ inbox that spontaneously goes for sorting the key mails one actually wishes to go through from the unending spam line-up. Also, there remains complete support for the notification actions of iOS, which allows the user to reply, archive, etc., as per the need. Not just Gmail, the app works fantastic with all types of email services, starting from Yahoo, IMAP, Exchange, to iCloud. This is the reason that Outlook is considered a most recommended app for iPhone users. As explained above, not just sorting, it also makes things super convenient to communicate. Moreover, it can also get synced up with additional services, starting from Dropbox to other services offered by Microsoft. There is a calendar feature as well that can some in sync with other calenders.


Spark, too, has a considerable amount of fan base. Specifically, those who are email power users, Spark can really provide a huge variety of features that Outlook can’t manage. Those who explore the menus and the lists can enjoy even greater features. The best part about the app is its productivity or efficacy. It is pretty smooth and user-friendly at the same time. In almost no time, the app can manage to load the mails. As of all other renowned email apps, it also provides thoroughly upgraded swipe features. In fact, it enables the user to distinguish in terms of actions for long swipes, and those for shorter swipes. Among the additional options, the app lets users go through the entire set of key email provider boxes. Along with Gmail, it checks the other big names like Yahoo, Outlook, and iCloud as well.


As Gmail is available on iOS, being a Gmail fan, there is no reason to opt it out. Moreover, there remains absolutely no constraint in terms of features. Google fans that are associated with other services of it should go for Gmail. It supports numerous accounts, enabling a user to add all other emails wished.  One can thoroughly handle the invites of the calendar through the app or can have access to the invitations straightaway for editing the documents within Google Docs. Upon attaching a file with email, it spontaneously connects with Google Drive, being available to be shared through the cloud. The app is absolutely fantastic for those who want things to be completed in the quickest time. Through its swipe, a user can immediately archive or delete. It means those wishing to maintain the email nominally messed can find it excellent. There is incredible support one can get through the app regarding threaded mails. This enables the user to have useful emails within an instant messenger pattern interface.

Mail Box:

This app comes with an incredible set of features for those interested in processing mails in the quickest possible time. At the same time, being feature enriched, the app is quite user-friendly in nature as well. The swipe feature makes things even more interesting. Specifically, it can be absolutely handy when it comes to dealing with the incoming texts. A short swipe is all that a user has to do to achieve a message; it’s as simple as this.

Similarly, to delete a message, a long swipe towards the right is enough.  Those who want to snooze; all it takes is to take a short swipe a message towards the left. For adding a message within the list or into a folder, all that a user needs is to put a long swipe towards the left.