Best Discord Fake Message Makers

Faking message in Discord is a good way to prank your friends! But how you can do it? Here, you will learn how to use the developer’s tool to edit any text ranging from messages to usernames and even the date. 

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Step 1

To start faking discord messages, you must log in to your account using a web browser. Why? The Discord desktop app lacks the developer tools that are required to do this. 

Step 2

Bear in mind that we are using Chrome in this example. After you log in, you must click the 3 vertical points located in the upper right. Then click on more tools and finally click o developer tools. You may also click ctrl+shift+I for quicker access. 

Step 3

With the developer’s tool still open, you have to enter a chat room. Once in, you have to click on the upper right corner icon inside the developer’s tool; it’s a rectangle with a cursor. It will be ready to use once it turns blue. 

Step 4

Now, you just have to look for the text you want to edit or create. Let’s start with editing. As you can see, when you select either message, it will automatically turn blue.

Step 5

As you click on the message, the string with the message code will be highlighted inside the developer’s tool. Double click the message in the string. 

Step 6

Now, type the message that you want. As you can see, in the other chat, nothing has changed. 

Step 7

But what if you want to create new messages? That is not a problem. Click on the three points at the beginning of the string. Then copy and paste it where you want. Alternatively, just ctrl+c and ctrl+v. As you can see, the message will appear again. Note: if you know how to code the string, you can type it. But is faster this way

Step 8

Now, the only thing left to do is to double click on the message and edit it just like in steps 4 to 6. Again, this won’t affect the other user’s screen. 

If you want you can also change the user’s name, keep reading. 

Step 9

It’s the same procedure, click on the rectangle with the cursor inside the developer’s tool. Then click on the name and change it as you like. Bear in mind, you should do the same to all the boxes (yellow boxes) with the username that you want to change. 

Step 10

You can change virtually anything. Just repeat steps 3 to 6 with the text you want to change and that’s all! Have fun pranking your friends! 


As you can see it is pretty easy to fake messages or to edit any text in Discord. But beware of scams; people can use this for other shady reasons. Never share sensitive information on this platform. Just a heads up, all the changes that you’ve made won’t appear in the other user’s DM room.