App Review-Google Keep

Google-keep-appThe Google Keep App. was a default App on my Nexus tablet, and is  designed as a simple note taking App.

You can use it to make:

  • Short text notes
  • Short voice notes
  • Lists

The notes are synced to your designated Google drive and are accessible from other devices.

This means that you can make notes using your PC, and see them on your tablet/phone and vice-versa

This isn’t something that I personally use or would use, but for those who like this type of thing the App seems to have had good all-round reviews.

When I tried it I couldn’t get the voice recording to work for more the 8 seconds, and I wasn’t as impressed with the  speech to text accuracy as were other reviewers.

Here is the Android product video

Here is a youtube review video

Here is another video showing how it is used on Your PC in the chrome browser.

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