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Android tablets sales falling but Xiaomi will release new tablet this year… link – Seems Google chrome laptops are replacing android tablets.

Save Battery Power on Android- Quick and easy ways to conservere your battery … link

Android Wear is Now Wear OS– Google have rebranded Android wear as Wear OS. But is that all there is to it?

Hands-on with Android P– developer preview of the next version of Android… link

Basic For Android-

This is something I cam across that I had never heard of and thought it useful if you can thinking of developing Apps for Android. … link

Google Pay App for Android

Android Pay and Google Wallet are now integrated into the Google Pay App …

Taking Your Phone Abroad

A review of a sim card for use when traveling… link

Fake wallet app hits Google Play to steal from Ethereum holders

If you are using mobile payments or thinking of using them then this issue is likely to get much worse and not just for crypto-currencies. …link

Google Home now supports for multiple Netflix user profiles based on voice recognition

This article has a quick overview of how to set it up.. link

Go Back to Google Now From Google Assistant

You might find that the Google App (Google Now) has automatically been upgraded to Google Assistant and you might not like it. Here is how to go back to the Google App… link.

Speed Up your Nexus Tablet

If your tablet appears to be running slower than before you might want to try these suggestions…. links

Samsung X- Foldable phone

A video preview of what is currently known about the foldable phone being developed by Samsung dubbed Samsumg X … link

alexa-appAlexa App now supports Voice Commands.

Up until now you could only use the Alexa App to manage your Alexa settings you could actually use Alexa with it. The new release of the Alexa App lets you use voice commands…….link

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LG Patent for a foldable tablet of phone

Interesting idea link

android-pay-iconAndroid Pay adds support for 80 new banks in USA

List of new banks accepting android pay.. link

Android may get Wi-Fi Direct Printing

Printing from an android device isn’t particularly easy see this tutorial on the site. However Android may get the ability to print directly to a wi-fi printer using Wi-Fi direct.

What is Wi-Fi Direct? – Standard Wi-Fi devices communicate via a wireless access point (WAP) or hub. Wi-fi direct allows devices to communicate directly over Wi-Fi without WAP.


Google now being Allowed to Wither as Google Assistant Takes Over.

I just finished a new tutorial on Google now and it seems I was a little too late. The Google virtual assistant incorporates many of the features of Google now. So learning how Google now works will still be helpful and you don’t have to switch to Google Assistant. … link