Installing The Amazon Appstore App On Your Android

amazon-appstore-iconMost Android tablets and phones come with the Google Play Store App already installed.

If you have a Amazon Kindle fire it will come with the Amazon AppStore App already installed.

These Apps allow you to easily install,upgrade and manage Apps from the respective App stores.

Because of various licensing issues you wont find the Amazon Appstore App on Google play, See this article, but you can still install the App manually.

Manually Installing Apps

Any App can be installed on Android using a technique called sideloading which involves  downloading the App .apk files and running a manual install simply by clicking on the .apk file.

This is the same as you do on a Windows machine which uses .exe files as opposed to .apk files.

Installing The Amazon AppStore App

The basic procedure is

  1. Download Appstore .Apk file.
  2. Install App

You first need to located the Appstore .Apk file  so on you Android device open a browser and do a Google search.


The Apstore App is shown in the results below.


Go to the web page and click on the download link.


You may receive a message with an options for the download. This depends what Apps you have installed on your device.

We want the browser to handle the download so select Chrome.


You will probably get a warning message but just click OK.


The download should then proceed.


Once the Appstore .apk file has beed downloaded you can install it by opening the notifications, and clicking on Download complete notification, or by going to the downloaded file in the downloads folder.


Go to All Apps and open the downloads folder


You should see a list of downloaded files. Locate the Amazon Appstore package.


Click on the package, and you probably will see the following message:


You get this message because the default security settings block non authorised Apps.

To install you need to change the security settings, so Go to Settings>Security and Allow install from unknown sources.


You should see a warning (shown below) click ok.


Now go back to the downloads folder and click on the Amazon Appstore package.

Accept the Install conditions.


The install should now proceed. and you should get a confirmation that the App as been installed and an option to open the App.


If you Open the App you are prompted to enter an Amaon account to access the Amazon App store.

The install also creates an icon in your All Apps folder so you can access it at any time

You can now easily install Apps from both the Goolge Play store, and the Amazon Appstore.

Note: If you have an Amazon kindle, and want to install Apps from the Google play store then you will need to do the reverse see the How to install Google apps on Kindle Fire HD or HDX article.

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