Adding Or Changing Themes In Google Slides

When starting a new presentation in Google Slides, you’ll notice that the default style will only be a blank white page which seems dull, right? That’s the reason why they offer a variety of themes we can choose from and make our created presentations look a lot more interesting and engaging.


Who would want to engage in a presentation that seems colorless or featureless? No one would want that. Thus, in this article, we’ll gladly teach you about adding or changing themes in Google Slides.

Changing the Theme

When you’re already in the process of creating a presentation and noticed that you’re not satisfied with the current theme you have, the common instinct is to change it. If you’re having a hard time applying a different theme to your presentation, here’s how you can easily do it.

1. Open the presentation you want to edit.

Look at all the projects you have in Google Slides and simply click on the one you want to work on.

2. Look for the “Themes” option on the Menu bar.

In the Menu bar, click “Slides” and at the bottom of it, select “Change theme”.

3. Choose your preferred theme from the panel.

A panel will appear on the right side of your screen where you can choose from all the list of themes there is in Google Slides. Scroll through it and pick your preferred theme.

However, you can also choose to import new themes if there isn’t any you like from everything offered on the panel. Simply click the yellow button that says “Import theme” at the bottom of the panel and upload the theme you want.

Changing the Colors of the Theme

When you pick a specific theme, it’s set on default colors only. Therefore, you could still adjust and change them until you achieve the colors you want for your theme. If you’re interested in how to do this, here’s how:

1. Open the presentation you wish to edit in Google Slides.

Just click the one you’re working on among all the existing presentations you have.

2. Go to the “Edit theme” option using the Menu bar and click “colours”.

Once again, click the “Slide” button on the menu bar. Afterward, read through all the options and select “Edit theme”.

Then, click the “colours” button which is easily seen on the toolbar.

3. Choose the theme color you prefer on the panel.

A panel will appear at the right side of your screen. There, you can easily browse through all the available theme colours and apply it to the current one you have. To try out how each color looks on your slide, simply click on the colour theme to change your current theme color.

Level Up Your Themes for Presentations

Knowing how to change themes as well as the theme colors allows you to become creative with working on your presentations. Instead of a dull and unexciting look to your presentation, you can add variety to it by simply playing with themes and colors.

Also, it helps you practice making an organized or coherent content layout that looks pleasing to the eyes. With this guide, I hope you can now be able to improve how your presentation looks!