Adding, Copying, And Deleting A Text Box In Google Slides

Presentations surely won’t look alive without the addition of texts in them. Therefore, it’s really important for you to know how to add, copy, and delete texts in slides. For instance, how would you add a description or an explanation of your topic in a comprehensible way without the use of texts? Indeed, images, videos, illustrations, and other elements can truly help build the idea, but it would be incomplete.


Thus, to help you create a good presentation, here’s a simple guide you can follow in inserting or removing texts when making projects in Google Slides. Make sure to take note of each step so that you can greatly use the feature to your advantage.

Adding Texts

If you’re new to using Google Slides, then you’re still probably having a hard time navigating it. Thus, for adding texts in a specific presentation, the following are the steps you have to observe and follow:

1. Click on the specific slide you’d like to insert a text with.

Before you reach that, make sure that you’ve opened the correct document you’d like to edit. Afterward, proceed to locate the slide you want to put a text in. If you have multiple slides, make sure to check each of them so as to help you verify whether you’re actually in the slide you want to work on.

2. Select the text icon on the toolbar.

Inspect the toolbar and look for the box with a “T” symbol in it. That represents the text box and so, make sure to click it once you’ve already spotted it.

3. Hold and drag your mouse until you can create a text box.

When adding a text box, it doesn’t automatically become added to your slides like how it is with bullet points, images, and the like. What you have to do is hold and drag your mouse inside the slide, and go on until you see that a text box is already created.

Deleting Text

Now, there might be unnecessary text boxes in your slides that can disturb the layout or the placement of elements in your slide. In those instances, the best solution would be to delete them immediately and in this part, we’ll show you the steps to do it.

1. Select the text box you wish to delete.

If there are too many inserted text boxes in a single slide and you want to remove some of them, the best way would be to delete them. First, click on the outline of a specific text box to select it.

2. Simply click the delete button on your keyboard.

After clicking, just press the delete button on your keyboard and it will immediately be erased from your entire slide. However, note that for you to be able to delete the text box, only select the box outline and not the space inside it.

If you don’t want to use your keyboard, simply right-click on your mouse and select “Delete.”


Inserting a text box in Google Slides is one of the things that you can easily learn and apply when creating your own presentations. It can be very useful for inserting descriptions, definitions, titles, and the like in whatever it is you’re working on. Yet, it’s still important to keep in mind that enough text boxes should only be added to a slide to avoid having cramped or overwhelming text for the audience.