How To Add a Gif on Bumble

Bumble is a new app to meet possible friends, or more than friends, online. You must be at least 18 years old to use this app, and you have to upload one or five pictures of yourself. These photos have to be 500×500 pixels minimum. Of course, it has to be real photos of yourself. For example, you can’t put a cat as a profile picture. Even if you could, this is an app to meet people, not pets.

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The interesting of this app is that it shows you the people who are closest to you. You can also filter the people that you desire to see first. But what makes it stand out from all the other dating apps is that women are the ones that have to write first. Therefore, if you are a man and don’t know how to pick up a girl, this app is perfect because you will automatically know that the girl likes you. But what happens with same-sex matches? The person who likes back is the one that has to make the first approach. 

Besides that, all dating apps work in the same way. You see someone you like, you press like or swipe right and wait for the match. But according to different users, you are more likely to double the conversation time if you send a gif to your match. It might sound stupid, but it works, and you know what people say, if it works, it is not stupid. 

Let’s start with the guide; prepare yourself for your match!

Step 1

Head to and create an account. If you already have one, you click on the enter option, which is next to the join option; go directly to step 3 if you have one.

Step 2

Create your account using either a phone number or a Facebook account. If you sign up with a phone number, a text message will arrive on your phone with the code. Enter it and configure your account.

Step 3

With the account all set, you can start matching with new possible friends or mates. Click the like button if you like someone. All matches will appear beneath the match section. If you both like each other, you can start a conversation.

Step 4

As you open a conversation, you can type any message that you want, send a picture, and gifs. Click on the gifs; highlighted with the green rectangle. 

Step 5

Now all that is left is to choose a gif and sent it to your match. You can either swipe up and down in the red rectangle or type for a specific one in the green rectangle. If you don’t like any of offered gifs, you can always send a link to a specific gift.

That’s all; now go there and break the ice with a hilarious yet charming gif! Bear in mind that this won’t make him or her your next partner, you will have to work a little more than that. But is fun and out of the box way that you can use to start a conversation