Using Google Chrome On Android -Part 2

chrome-logoIn Part 1 we looked at opening and bookmarking websites in chrome. In Part 2 we will look at:

  • Changing The Default Search Engine
  • Logging into a Google Account
  • Saving a Web page To your Home Screen.
  • Downloading Files

 Changing The default Search Engine

The default search engine is normally set to Google. So if you type  a search term in the address bar Google search will be used.

You can change the default search engine to Yahoo, Bing, AOL or Ask.

Click the Menu icon menu-icon (top right) and a drop down menu appears. Click on Settings.


At the the top click on search engine to change the default search engine.


Logging on to A Google Account and Synchronising Data

If you click on settings at the top of the screen you can sign into a Google account using chrome.

If you do this you have the option of synchronising your browser data to the web.

If your Browser data is synchronised to the web then you can access this data from another device logged on to the same account (e.g. Your PC).

Even if you don’t use any other devices it is still useful, as it is effectively a backup of your browser favourites, passwords etc.

If you have multiple accounts configured on your device you will need to select the account you want to use.


Once you have signed in click on the icon at the top with your account name or email address, and check that sync is enabled.

If it isn’t enabled, or you want to modify the sync settings, click on the email address.


Note: You don’t have to sign into a Google account to use chrome on your tablet/phone.

Creating Shortcuts by Saving To your Home Screen

If you visit a website regularly you can create a short cut to the website on your Home screen. The short cut looks just like an App.

Click on the menu iconmenu-icon-top right and select Add to Home screen from the drop down menu,


You can change the title of the Icon, but not the colour or design.


Click Add to add it to your Home screen.

The icon appears just like an App, and you can move it between screens, and remove it just like an App.


Pressing the icon opens chrome with the web page displayed.

Downloading files with chrome

On the web page click on the download link.


You may see a screen asking you to choose the App to use for the download- Choose Chrome.


To view the downloads go to All Apps and locate the Download Icon and click it


You should See a List of downloaded files.


Press on the file to Open it.

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