Using Google Chrome On Android- Part 1

access-web-androidTo access websites on your android tablet/phone you will need a web browser.

The Google chrome browser has been the default browser on Android since Android 4.0.

The chrome browser that comes with Android is the same as the desktop version.

If Google chrome is not already installed on your device you can download it from the Google playstore.

What you Will Learn

  • How to access a website using a url or search
  • How to use Bookmarks
  • How to use Browser history
  • How to change the default search engine.
  • How to Login to a Google Account
  • How to Add a Website shortcut to the the Home screen
  • How to Download files.

Getting Started

To open the browser locate the chrome App icon in your Apps. You may also find that is also in your favourites tray.


Chrome Opens with Google set as the default home page. The screen shot below shows how to access  the main features.


Opening A Website

To go to a website you can type the website address (url) into the address bar window.

You don’t need to enter the http:// only the domain name.

Example: Enter and not


If you want to locate a site you can do a search by typing a search term into the address bar window instead of a url.

Google is set as the default search engine by default, but you can change that (covered in part2).

Using Tabs

Modern browsers use multiple tabs instead of multiple windows.

Opening other tabs allows you to access several websites at the same time.

To Open a new tab click on the blank tab icon at the top of the browser. A new tab will open with the title New Tab.

The name will change when you visit a site.


If you have several tabs open it isn’t possible to see all tabs due to the limited size of the screen.

You can view the hidden tabs by pressing on a tab and dragging right or left, the hidden tabs will pop to the top.

If you close chrome any open tabs are saved, and when you reopen chrome the tabs will re-appear.

Note: There is no close button so you need to use the back button to move away from chrome, but it is still running in the background.

You can close it viewing the running Apps and swiping left or right.

Working With Bookmarks

You can save the address of sites you visit frequently by using bookmarks.

To bookmark a page open the page in chrome, and then click on the star icon.


You can now edit the Bookmark.

The most common task is to choose a folder for the bookmark by clicking on the arrow to the right of the folder


The folder window menu will open. Select the folder you want to store the bookmark in, or click on new folder to create a new one.


Currently there is only a single folder called mobile bookmarks.

Once you select the folder you return to the previous screen where you click save to save your bookmark.

This returns you to the web page, and you should notice that the bookmark icon has changed colour, and is now blue.


If you click again on the bookmark icon you can edit this bookmark.

Synchronising Bookmarks

If you sign into your Google account (Settings>Sign into chrome) using chrome then the bookmarks that you create on your Android device will be stored on Google’s servers under your account.

If you login to Google chrome on your PC using the same account as you used on your Android device then bookmarks are synchronised across the devices.

Here is a screen shot of my Android Bookmarks when I sign into Google using chrome.


You should notice many other folders. These folders were created using chrome on my PC.

If I look at bookmarks on my PC you can see they are the same as those on my Android tablet.

You should also notice the mobile bookmark that I just created


Browser History

Sites that you visit in Google chrome are stored in your History unless you use incognito mode. You can view your history by click on the Menu icon menu-icon and selecting History from the drop down menu..


The History is displayed in date order on a web page.


If you are logged into a Google account on chrome you will also see any browsing history of the logged in account.

Browser history is available for the past 90 days.

I find the browser history useful for locating sites I visited, and I want to visit them again, but forgot to bookmark.

Part2 ->


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