About Us

Let us Guide You Through the World of Mobile Technology

At SwipeTips, it’s our mission to help consumers get the most out of their digital devices. Whether you’re trying to take screenshots on your smartphone, get around region blocks or determine if your smart device is jailbroken, we’re here to help.

Our Purpose

Our concise guides and tutorials allow you to do more with your smart devices. Our goals are to:

• Help you make your smart devices even smarter

• Enable you to extract more intel from social networks and services such as Bumble, Instagram and Twitch

• Help you be more secure across multiple sites, services and devices

• Get around pesky region blocks

• Much more!

As we continue to refine our approach to content, we plan to cover even more topics, devices and services. Over time, we aim to become a top resource in the mobile tech how-to space, earning the trust and respect of millions of consumers.

Our Story

To be frank, I started SwipeTips out of frustration—and, truth be told, a splash of desperation. You see, there’s a phenomenon in the IT world known as 6 Degrees of Smoking Ethernet Ports. It seems to be a scientific law. It goes something like this:

Any person on Earth is only a few acquaintance links away from an IT expert.

Want to see an example of 6 Degrees of Smoking Ethernet Ports in action? A typical conversion might go something like this:

“Yeah, yeah, I hear you. Another virus, huh? That’s awful. Well, look, my cousin Vinny works on computers for one of those blue chip companies. Maybe I can get him to take a look. What? No, no, he’s always happy to have a smoking Ethernet port to sort out. Makes his day.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love helping people out when I can—heck, it’s why I started this site, after all. But after a while, it can be a bit…much. Add in mobile devices that become ever more complex, and it can become mighty tricky for an IT expert to get some time off.

I started SwipeTips as a way to address the most common issues people were having with their mobile devices once and for all. I found that I quite liked creating these concise tutorials, and it gave me something to do while waiting for things to upload, download, zip or stream. So I kept doing it.

While I still work in IT, I’m putting more and more time into SwipeTips, and I have a road map of how I might grow the site even more.

So if you like what you’ve seen so far, consider signing up for our emails. We won’t spam you, but we will provide you with curated links to our best stuff.

Who We Serve

You don’t have to be a techspert to get top performance from your mobile devices. Nor should you have to be a tech expert to enjoy access to a properly secured device, either—and you don’t have to keep up with the latest and greatest features of Instagram, Bumble, Twitch or any other hot service.

Let us do it for you.

With our no-nonsense tutorials and guides, you can do more than ever before.

We drop the fluff that those other sites seem to love so much so you can get to what you care about: solving the problem at hand.

So if you’ve ever found yourself squinting at your mobile device wondering how to take a screenshot, get root access or do pretty much anything else, bookmark us and check back often.