A Tutorial For Converting Google Slides To PDF

Making a presentation in Google Slides is one thing, but the process of exporting or downloading it is another thing you should be knowledgeable about. Indeed, when sharing the link of your slides to other users, downloading it isn’t necessary anymore because they simply have to click on the link to view it.


However, if you really want to save it, view it offline, and be able to present it in other places to different audiences, it’s very important to download a copy of it. In doing so, why is it that exporting the file in PDF form is much preferred by many than other file types? Well, if you’re quite wondering about that, it’s actually because there are a number of elements of features in Google Slides that might not be supported by other file types, but PDF.

If you save it as a PDF, there’s no or little chance that the quality of your presentation will be ruined. Therefore, it’s really best to do it that way. Here’s a quick guide about the process of saving your slides presentation as a PDF.

1. Open the Google Slides presentation you want to export.

Among all the presentations you have in Google Slides, open the specific one you’d like to work on.

2. Click on “File” and select “Download.”

Once you’ve already accessed it, look for the “File” option in the menu bar, and then, among all the options shown, click on “Download.”

3. Click on “PDF Document.”

There, you’ll be able to see and choose among all the file types — (.pptx), (.pdf), (.odp), (.txt), and many more. Make sure that you click the (.pdf) or the PDF document format.

Exporting as PDF with Speaker Notes

If you also wish to download the speaker notes together with the whole presentation, it’s very doable in Google Slides. Below is a detailed process of how you can do it:

1. Go to File and click on “Page settings and preview.”

Again, once you’re inside the presentation, make sure to access the menu bar and click on “File.” Afterward, read through all the options shown and select the “Print settings and preview” label.

2. Set the printing to “1 slide with notes.”

Then, the toolbar will seem quite different after the previous step. What you have to do is simply change the setting to “1 slide with notes” on the upper-left part of the toolbar. With that, you’re already allowed to save your file with the speaker notes included.

3. Proceed to downloading it as a PDF file.

Once you’ve double-checked everything and feel that all is set, you can simply click “Download as PDF” on the upper part of the slide and it will automatically save your presentation to your computer files.

Summing It All Up

You always have to remember that if your goal is to preserve and maintain the quality of your Google Slides presentation, it’s better to save them as a PDF file. Now that you’ve completely read the guide, you have the option to either download the files including the speaker notes, or not. This is outlined in a way where you could easily understand the process, so I hope this simple guide can truly help!