A Simple Discord Guide: How To Record Calls On Your IPhone?

With more than 750 huge verified servers, discord has managed to become one of the top most popular communication platforms. Its biggest server is 180,000 members for popular games. This proves just how much users rely on the platform to stay connected with their friends and teammates.

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If you want to use Discord to its full potential to create guides or podcasts, the first problem you will encounter is the recording feature. More accurately, on iPhone. 

Recording your Discord calls on the iPhone is possible. Whether you want to use them for a podcast or anything else, you can record your calls in no-time. Since Discord doesn’t have that in-built recording feature available, you will have to use bots. In this case, you need an audio recorder bot. 

There are plenty of different bots you can download. You can use any of them as you’d like. To make your life easier, we have selected one bot for you – The Craig Bot. It is very simple and easy to use, which is why we picked it out. 

To keep up with this step-by-step guide you would have to download the bot. This is a bot that records audio. It is a valuable feature for anything that you want to create with the recorded material. So, without further ado, here is the guide for recording your discord calls on iPhone.

Step 1

 Open your Discord profile and select any server or a new chat. Invite the Craig bot to your chat. To do that, press on the “Join” option on the top right corner. See the screenshot below. 

Step 2

Find the Craig bot in your friend list. It should be on the top of the list if you recently installed it. 


Step 3

 Once you’ve selected the Craig bot, a new menu will pop up. Go to the bottom of the menu and select “Send Message”. 

Step 4

Now you have to type in the command to toggle the Craig bot. Type in “:Craig:, join”. This is the command that enables the bot to start recording the call. You will have to type the command exactly the way it is. You can’t change a single letter. See the screenshot below. 

Step 5

To stop the bot from recording your call, type in “:Craig:, leave”. Once you type in that command, the bot will no longer record your Discord calls. 

Step 6

Once you’ve enabled the Craig bot to record your calls, the bot will send you two links. You can either download the link or delete it. The bot can record for a maximum of 6 hours. After those hours expire, the bot will automatically stop recording. 

Even if you don’t delete the recording, the audio will be removed after a week. If you download the recording to your iPhone, you can later edit it as you see fit. 

That’s it! Now you know how to record Discord calls on your iPhone. 


Discord has plenty of features you can use to make your experience more fun. However, it doesn’t have its own button for recording calls. You have to download a bot for that. At first, it might seem a bit confusing. But, that’s exactly why this guide is here to help you out. It is very easy to follow. You will quickly get the hang of it. Just stick to the steps and you will have your calls ready in a matter of seconds. Let us know if you found this guide helpful.