A Quick Tik Tok Guide: How To Make A Tik Tok Video

If you are one of those who are fond of making creative videos, Tik Tok is the best platform to share them with other people. If you want to be known in this social media video app, then you need to stand out from the crowd. You need a video that can catch the attention of the masses. 


You need to learn basic steps on how you can make, edit, and upload your video in Tik Tok. Through these easy steps, your video might be more compelling and more effective to your viewers. In this article, we will learn a few tips on how to make a Tik Tok Video. 

Tip #1 Explore Tik Tok’s built-in editor

Since it already has an editor, you no longer need to upload other apps. You can perform various tasks such as adding soundtracks, filters, blurring effects, and more. 

Launch the app, then click on the “+” icon found at the center bottom. You can see different options such as “Add a Sound,” “Flip,” “Speed,” “Filters,” “Beauty,” “Timer,” “Effects,” and “Upload.”

  • If you select “Add a Sound,” you will be directed to the sound library. You have lots of options. Tiktok recommends sounds that you may like. You can even use the search button to find your pick. 
  • If you select “Flip,” you will be directed to your rear camera. This app can make you record your selfie video. 
  • If you select “Speed,” you will be given options including 0.3x, 0.5x, 1x, 2x, and 3x. It only means that you can edit your video in a fast or slow motion. 
  • If you select “Filter,” you can choose among portrait, landscape, food, and vibe sections. Each of these sections has different filters. Try it, and it is more fun if you find out yourself.
  • If you select “Beauty,” you can adjust the smoothness, shape, and eye of your video. You can even turn on or off the Beauty mode.
  • If you select “Timer,” you can record a video timeline up to 15 seconds. To use this, set the time and select “Start Countdown.”
  • If you select “Flash,” you can adjust whether or not you want to use the flash. 
  • If you select “Effects,” you will be given a lot of choices, including what’s hot, new, VLOG, beauty, and funny. Each of these sections offers various effects. 
  • If you select “Upload,” you will be directed to your gallery. You can use existing photos and videos to edit in Tik Tok.

Tip #2 Know how to record a video

After exploring the Tik Tok editor and familiarizing all the basics, it is time for you to record a video. Well, this is just simple. First, you need to select either “Tap to shoot,” or “Long press to shoot.” 

If you want to record a video continuously without tapping it, you select “Tap to shoot.” You can click the record button again if you want to stop recording. 

But if you want to control the recording of your video, you can choose “Long press to shoot.” The video is recorded only if you press the button. 

Tip #3 Edit your video

After you record a video, you can edit your video by trimming it, adjusting the volume, or adding filters. You can even add sounds, effects, texts, and stickers in your video. 

Editing your video doesn’t require you to be a pro. You only need some creativity. It is up to you to add something in your video that you think will be embraced by your viewers. 


Making a Tik Tok Video is just easy. You only need to learn the basics. If you already know how it works and if you already uncover its features, it will be easier for you to make videos that can be loved by many.