A Guide On Typing Vertically In Google Docs

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the default typing style is always horizontal not only in Google Docs but also in similar word processing applications. That actually makes sense because it’s how we normally write when composing articles, essays, blogs, and the like.

However, there may be instances where we might need to type vertically, especially when we’re planning to make a creative title page for a particular piece of writing. If you’ve begun working in Google Docs and that’s the thing you wish to achieve, of course, you’ll find a way to do it.

Others say that’s impossible to do in Docs, but it’s actually not the case. In this article, you’ll know about the two easy ways you can type vertically in Google Docs.

First Method Using the Drawing Tool

When you want to vertically align the text, the only tool you can use to achieve it would be with drawing. Not sure about how it works? Check and the following steps:

1. Open “Insert” in Google Docs and click “Drawing”.

Just above your page on Google Docs, you can access the menu bar where the “Insert” option can be located. After clicking the “Insert” option, you now have to select “Drawing” which is the third option from the first one.

2. Click “New” and start working on a new drawing.

When you hover your cursor over the Drawing option, the “New” selection will show on the right side of it and so, make sure to click that one.

3. Click Text on the pop-up that will show and start typing.

After clicking the “New” button, a pop-up will show where you’ll be drawing and editing. On the toolbar, click on the “T” symbol which stands for text box, and enter the text you want to vertically align.

4. Hold and drag your cursor to create a space for typing.

Now, you can’t start typing when there’s no space for you to do it. To create one, simply hold and drag your cursor to the right so that you could make a box that looks something similar to this:

5. Rotate the drawing in the vertical direction.

Once you’ve finished typing everything, simply click the blue circle button to rotate it the way you want.

6. Save and close to insert the drawing.

At the upper-right part of the pop-up, you can see the “Save and close” button. Make sure to click it to save and successfully insert what you’ve created. You will see it appear on your page afterward. That’s it, you’ve successfully done it!

Second Method Using the Drawing Tool

Apart from that, there’s also another way for vertically aligning text in Google Docs. It’s also done with the Drawing tool, but in a different way. You’ll basically follow the first few steps as above and only change in the editing process. Here’s how to do it.

1. Click the text box and start typing.

Again, the text box is represented by the one with a “T” symbol inside a box in the toolbar.

2. Reduce the size of the text until it becomes vertically aligned.

Utilize the middle blue squares at the left and right side of the box to adjust its size.

Keep on making it narrow until you achieve something like the one in the picture below:

3. Save and close the drawing.

Of course, you have to save the changes for it to reflect on your document page. On your document, it should look something as the example below.


Yes, it’s quite a process and is actually hard to move the inserted text drawing in the page. However, the good thing is that it really is doable in Google Docs. Now, you won’t have any issues about editing these things for the different types of articles you’ll be working on. With actually just a bit of exploring its different tools and features, you can do more than that.

I hope this guide truly helped in providing you the the things you need to know!