A Detailed Guide On Adding A Signature In Gmail

Gmail is a widely known web-based email service that’s used by a lot of businesses, companies, and personal users. It’s a great tool you can use to formally communicate with other businesses or individuals. Plus, it’s an effective way of tracking all the activities that are happening in your Google accounts.


They have a variety of features—all considered essential and beneficial for you. If you think you already know most about it, let me ask you, were you aware that you can add a signature to your emails?

Even I was amazed. If this is new news to you and want to give it a try, here’s how you can do it within just a few steps.

1. Look for the Settings icon after logging into your Gmail.

After logging in, you’ll see the settings, indicated by a gear icon, at the upper-right part of your screen. Click it.

2. Click “See all settings”.

After clicking the settings, you’ll notice the “see all settings” option at the top. Click it and scroll down until you see the one about signatures.

3. Click “Create New” and add a signature.

After clicking the “Create New” button, it will ask you to give a name for your signature. Make sure to label it and afterward, create your signature with the tools provided. You can play with the font style, font size, and more.

Learn About Sending Professional Gmails

Now that you know how to add a signature in Gmail, you can use this to make the emails you send to several businesses, companies, and individuals look more professional. It may seem complicated at first, especially if you haven’t tried it yet.

However, you can skip all that trouble by learning about this simple guide!