5 Easy Steps To Add A Calendar In Notion

Among all the existing productivity software, Notion is one of the popularly used by many individuals. You can manage tasks, schedules, keep track of notes, and many more using the different features it offers you.


However, the only thing you’ll be battling with using Notion would be the complexity and intricacy of the elements or how it operates. Since it has so many tools you can utilize, it is more difficult for users to gauge and become very comfortable using the app.

One of the things you can create in Notion is calendars to help you keep track of your tasks and schedule easier. Yet, the process of adding this to your Notion page may be pretty tricky for some, especially beginners.

Thus, here’s a guide you can use as a basis to help make things easier for you.

1. Launch Notion on your device.

Of course, the most important thing you have to do first would be to launch the Notion app on your desktop and visit the page you’ll be editing.

2. Make sure that your page has a table with a date column.

Before you can begin creating calendars in Notion, the initial thing you need would be the addition of a table with a date column on the page you wish to modify.

Thus, make sure that you’ve already inserted one, or if you haven’t yet, start adding one because otherwise, you won’t succeed with creating a Calendar in one of your Notion pages. The data on that table will primarily be the basis of the calendar you’ll be adding to your page.

3. Click the “Add a View” button on the upper-left part of the table.

Great! Now that you have a table with a date column on your Notion page, the next thing you have to do is click the “Add a View” button found on the upper-left part of the table on your page. Afterward, you’ll be able to see different options, one of which is the calendar view.

4. Select “Calendar” among the options shown and name it.

Click the “Calendar” option among the lists of choices that popped up on your screen, and after that, choose a name you want for that specific view. It could be anything under the sun, but it’s better to think of something associated with the tasks or data on your table to identify it quickly.

5. Click “Create” to complete the changes.

Once you’ve chosen a name for your calendar view, click the blue button that says “Create” on your screen.

Keep Track of Schedules with Notion Calendar

That’s right, creating a calendar in Notion is as basic as that! However, this guide only talks about the easy process of adding calendar views to Notion because there’s the option for you to make a custom calendar — yet that entails a much more complicated process. That would include editing, hiding, and ordering different properties in Notion.

We’re not going into the details of that in this article, but you’ll get to know more about it in a different guide. Check our website, and you’re sure to know more than just adding or making custom calendars in Notion!